Acacia Hotel Davao’s Fusion of Mindanao Flavors and Fashion

Acacia Hotel Davao is Kadayawan ready after launching it last Friday, August 11, 2023, at The Lobby Lounge and Waling Waling Café. 

The Kadayawan Media and  Fashion Fiesta showcased a harmonious blend of culture, fashion, and gastronomy. The event also had an exciting glimpse into Acacia Hotel's commitment to community and culture.

Renowned designer Christopher Zamora and accessory artist Kathryn Fanlo collaborated on a collection that seamlessly blends modern design sensibilities with traditional Mindanaoan influences. Zamora's

meticulously crafted clothing line paid homage to the region's rich heritage, while Fanlo's intricately designed accessories added a touch of elegance and sophistication. 10% of all proceeds from Christopher  Zamora's clothing and Kathryn Fanlo's accessories will be donated to Indigenous Peoples  (IP)communities.

The event not only highlighted Mindanao's unique artistry but also provided a preview of the hotel's culinary expertise.

The Kadayawan Lunch Buffet at Waling Waling Cafe showcased a fusion of Davao's succulent fruits and native delicacies. The buffet rates are as follow:

                                Php1,188 per person every weekday lunch

                                Php1,288 for weekend lunch. 

Dinner buffet will highlight Filipino and Davao cuisine. 

                                Php1,288 per person (Monday to Thursday) 

                                Php1,388 per person (Friday to Sunday).  

                                Promo lasts August 10-20, 2023

"The Kadayawan Media and Fashion Fiesta is a testament to the vibrant tapestry of our culture, a fusion of tradition and innovation. As we open our doors at Acacia Hotel Davao, we also open our hearts to the rich heritage that surrounds us. So, let's embrace the beauty of this moment, as we partake in the festivities, indulge in the displays of creativity, and immerse ourselves in the essence of Kadayawan," Agot Serrano, Acacia Hotel's resident manager, said.

The Kadayawan Media and Fashion Fiesta was a celebration of Mindanao's artistic brilliance, culinary splendor, and giving spirit. The seamless blend of culture, fashion, and gastronomy at Acacia Hotel Davao left a lasting mark on attendees, at the same time emphasizing the importance of community, creativity,


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