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Rogen Inn’s impressive performance in 2022

For a young hospitality establishment that ’ s barely a year old, Rogen Inn recorded an impressive patronage in 2022, hitting an average of 70% occupancy rate in the last quarter of 2022.    Rogen Inn opened in May 2022, still an uncertain time in the course of the pandemic with the widespread infection caused by the Omicron variant earlier in the year.     “ We continued building Rogen Inn even during the pandemic following the safety protocols strictly. With 212 rooms in two of the three buildings ready for operations, we decided to open Rogen Inn. It was timely with the health restrictions easing up and vaccines are widely available in Davao, ”  said manager Gene Bangayan.   Rogen Inn ’ s promotional thrust as  “ an inn but just like a hotel, ”  the low introductory room rates, dining choices within the compound plus its location in the city center caught the attention of travelers. The market Rogen captured in the first few months of operations were walk-ins and domestic tourists i