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Operation Smile launches Women in Medicine in Asia.

Operation Smile’s all-female team of volunteer cleft care professionals from 12 countries celebrate the close of the six-day educational and medical mission they mounted in Cebu City recently to launch “Women in Medicine” in Asia.   The multinational team conducted a one-day forum on women empowerment in the health profession followed by five days of free surgeries on 59 children with cleft lip and cleft palate at the Cebu City Medical Center.   Operation Smile co-founder and president, Kathleen Magee, flew in from the U.S. to lead the launch.  Women in Medicine is a new global initiative that seeks to encourage women to join the health care profession, and empower them to take leadership roles in their respective field s .  It is also being piloted in Africa and in South America.  The program  was created in response to the call of the World Health Organization (WHO) for women to drive the transformational change in global health care.   Women comprise 70% of health professionals but

A place to chill: Rogen Lounge opens at Rogen Inn compound

  “ It ’ s a chill out place to hang out and chat after dinner, ”  said Boboy Bangayan on the concept of the Rogen Lounge at the food strip of the Rogen Inn compound.    As a businessman who loves entertaining over dinner, Bangayan finds it difficult to find a place in the city for a night recap,  “ The choices are a coffee shop that doesn ’ t serve drinks or a bar that may be too noisy and crowded for comfort. ”  Thus, the Rogen Lounge was conceived.   Rogen Lounge is a relaxing place. The lounge is designed to accommodate 30 people comfortably and music is easy listening tunes, top hits from the 60 ’ s to the present that ’ s programmed to play on shuffle. The drinks menu lists a range of drinks that can suit the guest ’ s vibe of the moment.   “ It ’ s a tea to cocktails place, ”  said Bangayan, adding, ” We have a wide range of TWG teas from Singapore, coffee, local and imported beers, red and white wines, and a wide range of liquor- vodka, gin, tequila, whiskeys including single

Melgen boosts sales by 55% in 2022

For the same period of time in 2021, Merlgen Euro Designs, Inc . records its 2022 sales with a 55% increase “We did well during the span of the pandemic. With everyone indoors, home improvement was seen as essential to accommodate the needs of each household member, whether it’s for work, school or personal space. Coming into 2022, when restrictions eased up and Merlgen’s operations went full blast, the sales shot up,” said Honeylet Lim, manager of the Merlgen. Lim shared that their clients are pushing through with the residential projects, and these are new projects for a new home, not  renovations. Merlgen has been tasked to fit homes with customized cabinetry—from kitchen to bedroom, living room to toilet and baths. “Residences make up most of the projects with 40% of the total number. Condominium, hotel and restaurant projects make up the rest of the list with 20% each,” said Lim. The company’s service reaches beyond the city borders. Merlgen’s track record has enticed clients from