Rogen Inn, comfort designed by travelers for travelers

Streamlined, minimalist, hues pleasing to the eye. Accommodations at Rogen Inn are much more than anyone will expect of an inn. It feels and looks like rooms of a hotel- a business hotel, which any leisure traveler will also nod in approval. Why? Because the accommodation in Rogen Inn is designed by avid travelers. 

The owners travel a lot and from each hotel they stay in, they pick up elements that work best for themlighting, space, colors, appointments and even the number of outlets and how accessible these are. 


Working closely with the architect and interior designer, the owners pointed out what travelers would appreciate when checking in at Rogen Inn. 


Beyond the check in counter and towards the room, here are seven of Rogen Inns features that can impress business and leisure travelers.

1. Wide corridors. One luggage or two, guests can easily maneuver the luggage through the carpeted hallways. The pathway is wide enough for two guests sharing it when meeting along the way.
2. Keycard access system. Just tap and enter. Easy! Keycards are lightweight, easy to carry, and assure safety since each can only access the assigned floor and room.

3. Soothing, relaxing, easy on the eyes. Enter a room that exudes warmth and tranquility in colors of cream, muted grey and wood. No busy decors, no clutter, just the appointments one needs. After a long day of business or leisure, one would want to escape to a nest that promises peace and comfort, just like home.
4. Space to pace. The inns rooms are gifted with space. Spacious closet and cabinets, luggage rest, working desk, beds, bedside tables, and shelves to stack whatever, even with all these in the room, theres still enough space to move around without feeling cramped.
5. Bedside essentials within easy reach. From reading lights to multiple plug power outlets to light switches, these are wall mounted by the bedside for convenience and aesthetics. Without getting out of bed, just reach out and click on or off, plug or unplug. 
6. The perfect bed. Relax the body and let a good mattress take the weariness away and promise a good nights rest. Ergonomically, a firm bed is good for posture.
7. Hot or cold at any time of day. Cold shower to perk one up and kick off the day and hot one to relax before retiring at night. Or vice versa? Whatever you prefer, just rotate the lever to the left or right.


The luxury of a hotel in an affordable setting. Rogen Inn lis not a hotel but certainly looks and feels like one. Go ahead, give it a try.


Rogen Inn is located at the corner of Mt. Apo & Lopez Jaena Streets, Davao City.For reservations call 0917 687 6436 or email reservations@rogeninn.comRogen Inn is offering its Mid-year Promo for P1,980 for two with breakfast.


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