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Merlgen: Modern kitchen upgrade for a new home

It was a ready-to-move-in-home acquired after more than two decades of hard work in the medical field locally and abroad. While the rest of the rooms in the new home fit the family’s needs, the homeowner wanted more space for the room designated as the most used space—the kitchen. While the original kitchen is functional, it lacks the required space to fit the requirements of the five residents. Additional cabinetry was needed, areas for large appliances, plus a space wide enough to serve the residents. “My sister owns the house. It was always her dream to have a big kitchen. We had a small one in our previous home. We have large appliances we’re moving from our previous home. We need space for that and for us. Most often there’s three of us using the kitchen at the same time,” said the resident. A new kitchen was in order. The backyard will be utilized to build a bigger kitchen. Annexed to the house, the new addition will have easy access from the original kitchen and dining areas. Th