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Asian Modern home’s glossy white kitchen by Merlgen

An Asian Modern home in a posh Davao subdivision is a retirement home for a well-traveled, food loving couple.  “ We moved from a casita-like home in my mother ’ s compound to this new residence in March 2021. It was originally planned as a bungalow. But since we welcome guests often, we opted to build a two-storey home, ”  shared the wife.     The home ’ s interior speaks of their love  for  Asian design. Set against the all - white interior are pieces of furniture and decor collected from traveling abroad. Curated  articles  in leather, wood, weaves appoint every space, and the color of nature provide a refreshing touch to the tableau.     Travel is twice yearly and with each stop, they take home things for the home and, most especially, the kitchen.    “ Eating is an adventure, we love to try new cuisines. We love to cook as well. My husband specializes in Spanish and I studied baking. We have collected a lot of stuff for this passion. We have given away a lot of it before moving in

Filipino-Korean Streaming Platform Offers 1-Peso Subscription for First Month!

AQ Prime Entertainment is  a  streaming company that offers original and legacy Filipino movies, rent-to-view on-demand shows, pay-per-view live events, and cable channel subscriptions. Set to go live  i n June 2022, AQ Prime provides thousands of hours of streaming entertainment on all smartphones and TVs across the Philippines,  Southeast Asia,  the Middle East, South Korea,  and North America.    AQ Prime uniquely offers classic Filipino shows and movies, as well as new and exciting independently produced films.    "We are excited to provide Filipinos across the world the most complete access to entertainment content a streaming platform has to offer," said Atty.  Aldwin  Alegre, President, and CEO of A Q Prime . He adds, “This exciting undertaking will be aided by multi-cultural partnerships with the Korean entertainment industry and other foreign filmmakers for a unique and diverse programming experience.”     Atty. Mary Melanie “Honey”  Quiño , Chief Operations Officer