Home Design: Sleek and dramatic, Merlgen’s smokey grey kitchen cabinets in high gloss

It’s modern, stylish. The grainy, moody charcoal cabinets in high gloss finish for the kitchen embraces elegance and drama. This is what the young couple aimed for in their new house in a Davao village.

 “The client walked in the Bajada showroom to view the display then asked how to have a bespoke kitchen made. I sat down with the wife, who took charge of the home’s interior design, and answered all her questions from the design process to quotation, from sight visits to installation,” shared Honeylet Lim, manager of Merlgen Euro Designs.

 Given the details— space, area assignment and functions, Merlgen designed a kitchen to fit the client’s requirements. It will be an area for cooking, and given the proximity to the formal dining room, it will function as an extended social area as well.

 Upon approval of the final design, the client returned to the showroom for material selection.

 “The client knew what she wanted to achieve the overall look of the house with an open plan. The interior walls are in white, the marble flooring is in white with grey veins. For the kitchen design, she preferred dark tones over light, and since the home uses more glass, the glossy finish will fit perfectly into the design aesthetic. And, the space should be maximized with ample storage space,” said Lim.

 From the Merlgen’s library of materials, she chose the Acrylic Dark Silver with Grain for the cabinets and the top-of-the-line Bianca Carrara Quartz for the countertops. The latter was what she fell in love with on the first visit to the showroom, never swaying even if other choices were presented.

 The home’s interior design exudes modern sophistication. The walls in dove grey with muted pattern embrace the space; the flooring of white marble slabs with grey grains make an elegant base for curated appointments in white leather, glass and polished metal; and the all-white ceiling with alcoves lit with pin lights and crystal chandeliers define each zone of the house.

Chic and sleek in grey, white and black, the kitchen blends seamlessly with the home’s formal vibe. Appliances, also in silver in black, are fitted into the cabinet layout. The high gloss silver-grey cabinet faces reflect illumination to add brightness to the space. 

The mosaic backsplash in colors that borrow the tones around the room provide an interesting detail to the look, while the white quartz countertop that mimics the flooring, provides a refreshing vertical break to the all grey corner. More importantly, the counter and overhead cabinetry furnish ample storage for the couple’s kitchen and social essentials.

The island counter of the same finish, while adding extra storage and food preparation area, serves as an extension of the main dining room’s social function. It doubles up as a cocktail bar, breakfast counter or even a buffet area. 

To tie up the connecting rooms further, accessorizing it with bar stools that replicate the make of  the dining room seats is a brilliant idea.

 “Apparently, the formal kitchen was a trial project for Merlgen by the client. Quite impressed and happy with the turnout, they commissioned us to design and furnish the rest of the rooms: the informal kitchen, the bedrooms’ wardrobe closets, consoles,” shared Lim.

 “We only met the client twice, most of the time they are out of town. From then on all the projects, from transaction to design implementation, every step is communicated online. We have built more than cabinets but client trust as well,” she added.


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