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Malayan Colleges Mindanao Introduces ""HyFlex Courses"" in Mindanao

Malayan Colleges Mindanao, A Mapua School    recently launched a Hybrid Flexible "Hyflex" course that offers students options to choose from attending in- person classes or online synchronous or asynchronously  a subsidiary of Mapua University has accupied a 3-hectare land in Matina Davao City and now offers Hyflex or Hybrid flexible  course format  with an instructional approach that can combine face to face and online classes, synchronously and asynchrronously online. The Malayan Colleges Hyflex model will allow students to choose from a number of learning modalities tht suits them dependiong on location, work and family commitments etc. Studens may choose Hyflex courses among the following 3 paths: Participate in face-to-face class sessions in-person (in classroom) Participate in face-to-face class sessions via video conference (Zoom, Ms Teams, Engageli) Participate fully asynchronously via MCM Digital (Blackboard) Learn (LMS) The system will make available to student

Home Design: Sleek and dramatic, Merlgen’s smokey grey kitchen cabinets in high gloss

It’s modern, stylish. The grainy, moody charcoal cabinets in high gloss finish for the kitchen embraces elegance and drama. This is what the young couple aimed for in their new house in a Davao village.   “The client walked in the Bajada showroom to view the display then asked how to have a bespoke kitchen made. I sat down with the wife, who took charge of the home’s interior design, and answered all her questions from the design process to quotation, from sight visits to installation,” shared Honeylet Lim, manager of Merlgen Euro Designs.   Given the details— space, area assignment and functions, Merlgen designed a kitchen to fit the client’s requirements. It will be an area for cooking, and given the proximity to the formal dining room, it will function as an extended social area as well.   Upon approval of the final design, the client returned to the showroom for material selection.   “The client knew what she wanted to achieve the overall look of the house with an open pla

Dusit Davao unveils the Dusit Lifestyle Membership Program

One of my few in-person event this year since the start of the pamdemic was in dusitD2 Davao just last week.  A tropical themed party was held during the Duisit Lifestyle Membership Program Launch. Unveiling their very ovn loyalty and rewards cards with exciting perks and discounts that members or  cardholders can enjoy.  Kickiing off the summer season with a lively occasion and introduction of its newest initiative called the “Dusit Lifestyle” membership program. It provides a year-round set of privileges for guests in dusitD2 Davao, Dusit Thani Residence, and Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort, including all its restaurants and outlets. Divided into three tiers. Madayaw Silver (Php 12,888 net) Madayaw Gold (Php 30,888 net) Madayaw Platinum (54,888) Members may enjoy membership kits, It highlights four pillars of privileges  -  accommodation -  dining - meetings and events -  spa treatments The event was attended by Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation President and CEO, Mr. Tomas

AMDABiDSS-Health enhances disease surveillance in Mindanao

Malayan Colleges Mindanao , in cooperation with the University of the Philippines - Mindanao, have launched the Center for Applied Modeling, Data Analytics and Bioinformatics for Decision Support Systems in Health (AMDABiDSS-Health) to support local government units and their health systems and agencies in Mindanao. Representatives from various universities, organizations, and the DOH attended the online event and promoted a deeper collaboration between the academe and public policymakers and leaders.    AMDABiDSS-Health is the first-ever niche research center in Mindanao that utilizes interdisciplinary quantitative approaches to improve the disease surveillance and mitigation techniques of COVID-19 in the area.    Scientific research focused on health care has been vital in addressing the effects of the pandemic worldwide. With the establishment of AMDABiDSS-Health, local communities have a better chance to battle the waves of infections that the virus has brought.   Malayan College