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What's it like to go on a staycation in the new normal at Acacia Hotel Davao

More than two years after the pandemic, I  finally braved the way of planning a hotel staycation for the family. It was a tough decision to make considering the new and strict protocols everyone has to go through during a vacation. But this did not limit our decision and desire to go out for a little while and have a quick  breather.  As a mom of four, i always take note of  so many things to check how safe my family will be during our quick getaway despite the pandemic.  So i listed  down  4 THINGS to consider in planning a safe staycation for the family during a pandemic. Location It would be safe to find a place near or at least within just the city for a family getaway  to limit the hassles of preparing for documents as some LGUs would require travel documents if you plan to go outside the city.   Acacia Hotel Davao is situated within Davao City  and is only about 6 kilometers away from our home. the hotel is just a 5-minute (walking distance) from a mall. Acacia Hotel can house

Take a Romantic Rendezvous and Celebrate Love in Dusit Davao

dusitD2 Davao and Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort is ready for the Valentine season. They have prepared speciall room accommodation packages. Guests may also enjoy dnner indulgences in he hotel or prefer to have a cozy villa island stay. Room Packages A Romantic Rendezvous awaits guests in dusitD2 Davao this February 14 th . This Valentine room package is at Php 11,388 net per stay, inclusive of an overnight stay in the hotel, a dinner for two at Madayaw Café, treats for the occasion, and other discounts in the restaurants and Namm Spa.  Dining For dining, Madayaw Café makes sure that a generous and sumptuous array of dishes are on the menu to mark the celebration. Its three-day offer, dubbed as Celebrate Love, promises a date night one can do with family or a special someone. On February 12 th and 13 th , a pre-Valentine dinner buffet is dedicated for groups at Php 1,200 net per person. On Valentine’s Day, a table for two exclusive is available at Php 1,400 net per person,

Merlgen: natural, organic are 2022 design inspirations

Dear Merlgen,  w hat ’ s the home decorating trend for 2022?   After two years of spending most of the time indoors, Home Chic Home ’ s M says it is about achieving what feels good. Interior design has become more of a personal expression today rather than being trendy. We are now seeing looks that blur the line between various styles. It ’ s empowering the homeowners to make the look their own and create something that feels as good as it looks.   Go green! With the lifestyle switch, design experts agree that green and landscape palettes will remain strong this 2022. The indoors will continue to embrace the outdoors. The soothing, healing and grounding characters of nature are stress reducers, promote calmness and creativity. A connection to nature will make us happy and positive in the long run, and this is what we need now more than ever after being cooped up for a long period.   “ No matter what color from nature you opt for your home this year, Merlgen Euro Designs can complement