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Rogen Inn, not a hotel but feels like it

Rising slowly on a former car barn during the course of the pandemic were three mid-rise buildings on one of the busiest bifurcated roads in downtown Davao. The architectural design would elicit  “ another condominium rising ”  remarks from the motorists and passers-by. It is not. Perhaps it ’ s a hotel?    “ Rogen is not a hotel but an inn. However, it was designed to exude the look of a hotel, the size of a hotel and promises the comforts of a hotel, ”  says Gene Bangayan, current manager of the new hospitality establishment.   “ Just like a hotel, the inn has a welcoming spacious lobby with high-ceiling and receptionists in three separate check-in counters to attend to guests at any given time. It has 3 28 Deluxe R ooms uniformly sized per building. The rooms in the South  and West  wings are a tad bigger in size than that of the North  structure ’ s, but all accommodations are equally well-appointed with tap card access and necessities any business and leisure traveler needs, ”  s

Festive and Flavorful Kadayawan in Dusit Davao

dusitD2 Davao and Dusit Thani Residence Davao launches its very first Kadayawan event highlighting the art and fashion of Ninofranco and Kathryn Fanlo, the world-class Malagos Chocolates, and the conservation mission partnership with the Philippine Eagle Foundation. Festive and flavorful – this is where the entire Kadayawan set of offers and activities will revolve for Dusit Davao’s celebration. The hotel launched through a face-to-face event at the Dusit Thani Grand Ballroom last July 28, attended by partners in the government, tourism, media, and society, highlighted with performances from the Kalumon Performing Ensemble.  GM Christoph Kuch, in his welcome message, said, “It might surprise you to know that since Dusit opened in 2019, we did not have the opportunity to celebrate Kadayawan the way Dabawenyos do. So, this year, we went all the way and made sure that we have the right partners to pull off this celebration.” With a goal to compliment the set of offerings to the vibrant fe

Merlgen: Modern kitchen upgrade for a new home

It was a ready-to-move-in-home acquired after more than two decades of hard work in the medical field locally and abroad. While the rest of the rooms in the new home fit the family’s needs, the homeowner wanted more space for the room designated as the most used space—the kitchen. While the original kitchen is functional, it lacks the required space to fit the requirements of the five residents. Additional cabinetry was needed, areas for large appliances, plus a space wide enough to serve the residents. “My sister owns the house. It was always her dream to have a big kitchen. We had a small one in our previous home. We have large appliances we’re moving from our previous home. We need space for that and for us. Most often there’s three of us using the kitchen at the same time,” said the resident. A new kitchen was in order. The backyard will be utilized to build a bigger kitchen. Annexed to the house, the new addition will have easy access from the original kitchen and dining areas. Th

Asian Modern home’s glossy white kitchen by Merlgen

An Asian Modern home in a posh Davao subdivision is a retirement home for a well-traveled, food loving couple.  “ We moved from a casita-like home in my mother ’ s compound to this new residence in March 2021. It was originally planned as a bungalow. But since we welcome guests often, we opted to build a two-storey home, ”  shared the wife.     The home ’ s interior speaks of their love  for  Asian design. Set against the all - white interior are pieces of furniture and decor collected from traveling abroad. Curated  articles  in leather, wood, weaves appoint every space, and the color of nature provide a refreshing touch to the tableau.     Travel is twice yearly and with each stop, they take home things for the home and, most especially, the kitchen.    “ Eating is an adventure, we love to try new cuisines. We love to cook as well. My husband specializes in Spanish and I studied baking. We have collected a lot of stuff for this passion. We have given away a lot of it before moving in