Condo Living: Your own putting green at Legacy Leisure Residences

In golf, to sink a 1.68-inch into a 4.25-inch hole ball across a grass surface is challenging. It comes at the tail end of one stretch and there are 18 holes in a full game. Its called putting and its one of the most difficult parts of the game. It requires reading” the grass surface and applying the right amount of tap on the ball.

Golfers rejoice. At Legacy Leisure Residences you have your own putting green to practice on anytime , any day. 

Practice makes perfect? How about honing your putting skills in your own address? It can happen at Legacy Leisure Residences. In the vast 70% open space of the development where world-class amenities like an Olympic size pool, a spray park for kids, and other various sports and recreation facilities will be fashioned, a putting green for golf lovers will be included.


The mental and physical exercises of the outdoor club-and-ball sport can be addicting. To players, the challenge to play better is ever present, but the game is also relaxing, a stress reliever. Socially, it improves both business and family relationships. The latter reason was what got Imee Garcia into the game more than 30 years ago, in the 1980s.


Imee Garcia is the daughter of avid golfer-parents, Antonio M. Garcia, former director for Mindanao for the Republic of the Philippines Golf Association (now National Golf Association of the Philippine), and Baby Quindoy-Garcia.


At the height of her amateur golf career, Imee had an eight handicap at the Apo Golf & Country Club, where she also became the corporate secretary and the youngest female club director.  Shes the record holder of the most number of club champion trophies in RPVGA (womens division). Imee is among the very few in Davao City who ever made a double eagle (holed in two on a par 5) and probably the only female in Davao to have achieved this feat. She also represented Mindanao in the Arafura Games in Australia in the class a division.


Life during my younger days was filled with golf. My dad and mom, both avid players, took brood to the golf course during our younger years. It was our playground. Then theyd take us to golf vacations and tournaments. They inspired me to get into the sport,” shared Imee.


Practice, practice, practice. Years into the sport, I may have won titles like Club Champion and top prize in individual competitions in my class both locally and national level, hit a hole in one, made a double bogey, hit a two on a Par 5, but there is still so much to learn and master in the game of golf,” she said.


Golfer Imee Garcia says "To have a putting green in a condominium development like Legacy Leisure Residences will be a big advantage for golfers like me, I can practice my putting anytime without leaving the safety of my home."

How important is putting in a golf game? Imee said that its a never ending practice for both driving and putting, and the other strokes like pitching, chipping, blasting, etc.  But if you can hit far but cant putt well, its no good at all. Golfers have this saying of you drive for show, but putt for dough.Putting practice is the key!


To have a putting green in a condominium development like Legacy Leisure Residences will be a big advantage for golfers like me. 

can practice my putting anytime. I wont have the time to go to the driving range nor to the golf course everyday. But if therea putting green in my condo, will be very grateful. Poor putting at the course? No problem. When Iget home, I can practice and correct my mistakes since there is a putting green to practice on.


On family bonding, Imee stresses that she grew up playing with her dad and mom. Golf strengthened the family.


If there is a practice green in my condo, I would love for my kids and grandkids to watch me practice. I can teach them how to play, or give a tip or two on how to play better. And hopefully, they will visit me at the condo and we will have something to do other than stay indoors.


Visit the Legacy Leisure Residences showroom along Ma-a Road and get to know whats in store for you as a resident.


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