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Condo Living: Your own putting green at Legacy Leisure Residences

In golf, to sink a 1.68-inch  into a 4.25-inch hole  ball across a grass surface is challenging. It comes at the tail end of one stretch and there are 18 holes in a full game. It ’ s called putting and it ’ s one of the most difficult parts of the game. It requires  “ reading ”  the grass surface and applying the right amount of tap on the ball. Golfers rejoice. At Legacy Leisure Residences you have your own putting green to practice on anytime , any day.    Practice makes perfect? How about honing your putting skills in your own address? It can happen at Legacy Leisure Residences. In the vast 70% open space of the development where world-class amenities like an Olympic size pool, a spray park for kids, and other various sports and recreation facilities will be fashioned, a putting green for golf lovers will be included.   The mental and physical exercises of the outdoor club-and-ball sport can be addicting. To players, the challenge to play better is ever present, but the game is also