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Condo Living: Shooting hoops & more at Legacy Leisure Residences

  An exciting array of amenities in one expanse  —  your address!    Living in Legacy Leisure Residences is an everyday staycation experience. Everything that you expect from a well-deserved get-away is right at your doorstep —  an Olympic size swimming pool, kiddie spray park, a green oases for a picnic and barbecue, and areas dedicated to bring out the best sportsman in you, be it tennis, running, golf, bodybuilding or basketball.   Legacy Leisure Residences can be your dream lifetime vacation or your sports training ground.    Let ’ s head to the basketball court. It ’ s one amenity that ’ s present in any community development. Why? First, there ’ s always that lover of this sport in any community, especially Filipinos. Second, it can be the breeding ground to the next big shot cager. Remember that future stars are born in the most unexpected places. Third, it ’ s a very versatile space. Its use is limitless, this is why it ’ s the most utilized space.   “ Basketball can be a spor

FOOD & LIFESTYLE: Cooking with Sarangani Bay

FRIED RICE WITH SARANGANI BAY BONELESS SMOKED BANGUS Fried Rice    with Saranggani Bay Smoked Bangus Flakes  Ingredients 1tbsp olive oil 2 cloves garlic  1 med sized onion Chopped spring onion 100g chopped carrots 100g    cooked green peas Salt & Pepper to taste 1/2 cup flaked Saranggani Bay Smoked Bangus 2 cups cooked rice Directions: Pour oilive oil in pan. Saute Garlic, onion. Add carrots, spring omion. Add green peas &    Saranggani Bay Smoked Bangus. Saute for another 2 minutes.  Add cooked rice. Mix well.  Add salt and pepper to taste. Serves 2-3

Countertops? Go for quartz! - Merlgen

Creating a new kitchen? Renovating? upgrading? While Merlgen can help you create the kitchen  — and bathrooms —  of your dreams by transforming an area into a highly efficient space, they make sure the appointments are on point. The cabinetry they create considers your space. It ’ s maximized and correct. By correct, it means the ergonomics of the installation is taken into account and everything is in its assigned storage. The most used items within easy reach while the rest are accessible, and most importantly, the aesthetic pleases you, the user. Beyond beautiful cabinetry is the right countertop to complete the look. What does Merlgen have?   “ We highly recommend the quartz countertops. Merlgen ’ s collection has s even colors :  Absolute Black ,  Bianca Carrara ,  Super White .  Dream Beige ,  Nice Gray ,  Crystal Black  and out bestseller, the  Crystal   White , ”  said Honeylet Lim, manager of Merlgen Euro Designs.    “ Among the quartz assortment, the  Absolute Black  and  Bia