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Home improvements thrive during the pandemic - Merlgen

No one expected to be spend this much time indoors . The sudden lock down offered homemakers a chance to focus on the home.  It made  everyone  look into how efficient and orderly  the residential space is, especially when all members of the household are present. Cleaning, decluttering, rearranging were sudden necessities. The inner interior designer was tapped, plantitas were born.    “ Staying indoors for a long time we start to notice the unnoticed. While we thought operations will slow down, if not cease, because of the pandemic, we were surprised with the number of contracts we had for improvements across the home, ”  said Honeylet Lim, manager of Merlgen Euro Designs   When the quarantine restrictions were eased, Merlgen immediately resumed operations in the two Davao plants with safety protocols adhered to. Contracted projects were delivered and new bookings were welcomed.    In 2020, Merlgen posted a sales increase of 30% from the 2019 record. This accounts for both home impro

CONDO LIVING: 90% of Legacy Leisure’s first tower sold in 11 months

Legacy Leisure Residences hits  90 % sales mark on first tower in 11 months in June.   The pandemic is a challenging period to the real estate enterprise in Davao. But surprisingly, Legacy Leisure Residences is posting a steady rise in its sales.  “ We officially launched  two  month s  before the lockdown, on  January  2020. But as soon as the restrictions were eased, we bounced back to work with positive energy, adapted to the situation, created good deals, and strengthened our digital presence and relationship with the real estate agents, and got the construction rolling again, ”  said Wesley Bangayan, VP for marketing for Cris R on Legacy Leisure Residences (CLLR).   Bangayan confessed that there was uncertainty looming on the sales department. But trusting their brand and team, they were able to surpass their sales target in 2020.   “ Our strategy worked. In a span of five months, from August to December 2020, we posted a 60% sales on the first building, which is Tower 2. For the


In this time of pandemic, a profund impact on the education of the students have been highly affected due to the absence of face to face classes in the country. In overcomng challenges, schools slowly adapt to the new norm of integrating technology in ts academic curriculum. Malayan Colleges Mindanao, a Mapua School respond to this challenge as it soon opens another school year in the new normal. MCM is expanding s academic horizon by opening its Junior High School Department this year, and promises a top notch academic system for grades 7 to 10.  The school will be focusing on an enhanced quality of education where technology wll take over the traditional face to face classrooms. The pandemic brought MCM to personalize and integrate a new digital learning system and a unique learning tool called the MCM DIGITAL .  The MCM DIgital is powered by one of the world's leading management systems, Blackboard Learn, a centralized portal where students can access learning materials,  tools