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Dad & outdoor BBQing at Legacy Leisure

Outdoor barbecues and picnics are always exciting on any day. There is something about cooking food over fire that brings the family together. And the aromatic smoke fills the air, everyone will say  “ I ’ m hungry ”  in unison.    When it comes to manning the grill, it ’ s the man of the house  (usually) takes  charge . Dad gets his chance to wear the chef ’ s hat and brag about his barbecuing skills and recipe, which may have been taught by his own dad.   Backyard barbecues are the most convenient. It ’ s an instant picnic one step away from the door. But what about if you live in a condominium?   “ Moving to Davao in 2013, I chose to live in a condominium. It ’ s e asier to maintain because of the size and convenient because of the amenities — the pool, indoor games, park and security, ”  said Chef Anton Abad, who nodded to a job offer to head a popular chain of restaurants, and eventually opening one of his own, the Olive Bistro.   “ For a chef who loves to experiment, cooking can

Merlgen’s home office ideas for small spaces

Work from home. For more than a year now homes have undergone a transformation. The addition of working spaces for all members of the family may have been overwhelming. While we all wished the setup would be temporary, the surprising extent of the pandemic may be calling for redecorating to accommodate a permanent home office space. Spacious homes can easily integrate it into its layout, but what about smaller homes?    “ Integrating a home office in a small space can be challenging. Look around your home and you ’ ll be surprised at what you can create in the most unexpected areas, ”  said Honeylet Lim, manager of Merlgen Euro Designs, Inc.   “ In these small spaces, Merlgen can custom build modular cabinets to fit it. The plan is to maximize the use of the area, and with a few design tweaks, the spaces above and below the working desk will be utilized with the addition of shelves and cabinets. ”   Lim shares that during the pandemic when work was moved to residences for safety, the h