CONDO LIVING: Swim your way to health at Legacy Leisure Residences

Fact: a swimming pool in your home increases its property value. Youll be swimming in that gratifying thought if youre looking at your home as an investment.  


Although a swimming pool one of the amenities of any residential development, vertical or horizontal, one may depart from the ordinary swimming and go extraordinary. At Legacy Leisure Residences, the condominiums pool is not just the usual adult lap pool but an Olympic size swimming pool. Not extraordinary enough? How about another pool? There is one for kids. Not just a plunge pool but a splash and spray pool park. Two pools, hows that for a home investment? Wise enough?


Legacy Leisure Residences is the maiden project of homegrown company, CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. The world-class development is designed to be a wellness-focused, resort-like vertical village. It will be an everyday staycation” in the center of the city, and the specialized water feature aids in achieving this vision.


Aside from increasing estate value, a pool has numerous advantages. Its a great way to cool oneself during the hot season and an excellent source of year-round recreation. The outdoor activity is a good way to bond with the family and the co-residents. Most importantly swimming is beneficial to your well-being. 


Residents who are water babies” will love Legacy Leisures pools. If you havent discovered your love affair with water yet, this future residence of yours might pave the way.


For Haroon Caballero Cali, bemedalled swimmer, triathlete and Holiday Gym & Spas resident instructor and trainer, Legacy Leisure can be a perfect residence, where can he can live, train and teach. 


Swimming has a lot of advantages. Health wise, the most important thing to know is that the strokes can save you from a stroke,” says Haroon.


Put the pool to good use and swim your way to good health.


Swimming is a low-impact exerciseThe weightlessness in the water allows more mobility and has less impact on the muscles and joints compared to jogging. Its an ideal exercise for mature people, those suffering from arthritis or sclerosis. Its even great for pregnant women.


Haroon says the cardio activity exercises all the muscles in the body at the same time, including the most important onethe heart. The lungs are targeted as well. Done regularly, it builds stamina and strength.


A lockdown during an epidemic poses a lot of challenges, like dealing with inactivity, improper diet and anxiety. As swimming is beneficial for the body and heart, it is the same for mental health. During prolonged indoor confinement the activity is a great stress buster, it improves sleep and the calorie burning prevents obesity. 


Over all, swimming is healthy and therapeutic. Personally, the beauty of having a private Olympic size pool is I can do competitive training at any time of day, any day. As a teacher, I can teach aqua aerobics and hold private swimming lessons to the residents, young and adults. By experience, Summer and school breaks are always the best time to engage youngsters to an outdoor activity like swimming. Its healthy, physically and mentally, and instills discipline. Community wise, the pool is a good venue to establish good rapport with the neighbors. Legacy Leisure is a place I can live in where I can grow as a person, an athlete and an instructor.


Having a pool in the property means all these benefits are at your doorstep, the easy, private access to one lessens the risk of exposure to the virus.


Invest in your health, invest in Legacy Leisure Residences. Its your winning move.


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