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CONDO LIVING: Swim your way to health at Legacy Leisure Residences

Fact: a swimming pool in your home increases its property value. You ’ ll be swimming in that gratifying thought if you ’ re looking at your home as an investment.     Although a swimming pool one of the amenities of any residential development, vertical or horizontal, one may depart from the ordinary swimming and go extraordinary. At Legacy Leisure Residences, the condominium ’ s pool is not just the usual adult lap pool but an Olympic size swimming pool. Not extraordinary enough? How about another pool? There is one for kids. Not just a plunge pool but a splash and spray pool park. Two pools, how ’ s that for a home investment? Wise enough?   Legacy Leisure Residences is the maiden project of homegrown company,  CrisRon Holiday Buil d ers, Inc.  The world-class development is designed to be  a wellness-focused, resort-like vertical village. It will be an  “ everyday staycation ”  in the center of the city , and the specialized water feature aids in achieving this vision.   Aside fro

MERLGEN: Mom in her kitchen. See what’s cooking.

Mom in her kitchen. See what ’ s cooking, too!   In the kitchen, recipes are passed to the next . The heir is always that wide-eyed kid watching in awe of how fast mom can whip up a family favorite, a recipe she inherited herself from grandma.    There are secrets mom will pass on to the heir —  a secret ingredient, an unknown process and the most basic rule: a well-organized kitchen. Everything should be in its place and within easy reach, it speeds up the preparation.    As secrets are passed on from one generation to the next, the kitchen keeps evolving. Today, the busiest room in the home is filled with gadgets that make the task of cooking easier and more convenient for the user: digital appliances, multi-function machines, and space saving storage system, in which the golden rule of  “ everything should be in its place ”  can be kept as sacred as the well-guarded recipes.    “ Kitchen cabinets today are highly-efficient. A drawer or a cabinet door can be opened with little to no

dusitD2 Davao shares Mom’s Day treats fit for a queen

dusitD2 promises a memorable Mother's Day celebration for the queen. From a worth the moms' weekend getaway to gastronomic food indulgences.  Last week's invitatiion to a lunch event at dusitD2 Davao was an advance mother's day celebration with fellow Davao media and influencers. Mothers day is traditionally celebrated every 2nd Sunday of May. dusitD2 made it special for the queen of the household, Mother’s Day allows everyone to exert the extra mile to let her know how much she is loved. dusitD2 has this thought as an inspiration for its delightful Mother’s Day offerings. Accommodation For room accommodation, he “Mom’s Weekend Getaway” room package ensures the family gets a comfortable and relaxing experience in one of dusitD2’s well-appointed rooms. Moms can enjoy a rejuvenating session at Namm Spa as the package includes spa credits, plus delightful discounts from all restaurant outlets. As the hotel continues its partnership with Kaayo Modern Mindanao, a guaranteed