Increase your storage space, accessorize

Heres one Merlgen tip: make your cabinets work for you by increasing storage capacity. How? Simple, the right accessories can do wonders. No tricks, no fooling around.


Merlgen has shared the advantages of modular cabinetry. With the wide array of available materials, it will be easy to fuse into a desired look at any budget; the off-site manufacturing offers stress-free home environment; quick installation is time saving; and most importantly, it maximizes the use of available space. To sum it up, its a wise storage solution.


Maximizing space does not stop with fitting the cabinets within the desired area. While the cabinets exterior look can complement and enhance a rooms look, planning the inside of a wardrobe, office, kitchen or entertainment cabinet is as essential. Dont they say that what matters most is invisible to the eye? Let them open the cabinet and find out. 


A well designed cabinet interior should have the potential to maximize its space for storage. Height and width of partitions and shelves should work well for the user. Ideally, these areas should store and preserve items of value and not to hide clutter. 


Your sleek cabinet in all the areas of your home may just display panels but the inside can be fascinating. A series of drawers can be concealed within. Perhaps youd opt for organizers to keep everything in place?


Adjustable shelving is a basic trick. You can play with shelf height and assign areas that need more space. This is what the extra holes on the partitions are for. The pins can be moved up or down depending on how much space you need. This works best for clothes and entertainment cabinets. Because you dont know what needs storing in the future, like a growing wardrobe, new electronic consoles, adding to a collection or more toys for the kids, its best to keep options open and make shelves adjustable.


There are accessories that multiplies space, too, fittings that can render hard to reach corners and deep recesses non-existent. Generally, Merlgen refer to these as baskets” that slide in and out of the cabinets, or are attached to the inside panels of its doorsIts a big help in organizing everything you own and an add-on to comfortable living.


The kitchen is the most used area in the home. This is where the modular cabinet accessories can be a show-off. A narrow pullout pantry can wow you with how much of groceries it can stack. A walk-in pantry? You wont need it. Why reach deep into cabinets for dishes, pans or containers when you can have easy access to those with baskets that glide out of the cupboard?


But dont let the baskets limit its purpose. Let your imagination work. Accessories can function as effectively when used in cabinets elsewhere in the home. If you still dont have it, go for upgrade. Its all about making your life comfortable.  Let Merlgen give you that.


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