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Live the Legacy Leisure lifestyle at Holiday Oceanview!

Everyday staycation, that ’ s what Legacy Leisure Residences is about. Your address is the destination with world-class amenities. An Olympic size pool, a water spray park, outdoor sports facilities, a green oasis with putting green, and many more spread across a wide open area occupying 70% the property. This alone sets this vertical village apart from the rest.  As the first of four tower rises, all you can do at this time is imagine what it ’ s like living in a place with all the deluxe facilities right at your doorstep. But what if Legacy Leisure can snap you out of your daydreaming and let you live the future now?    You can have a peek of your  “ everyday staycation ”  at Holiday Oceanview Serviced Residences in Samal.  The island resort is the sister company of Legacy Leisure and geared towards the same concept of luxury living. In t h e mixed-use community  is a  residential setting , which includes a  condominium  with recreational amenities you would expect. This is where the

Increase your storage space, accessorize

Here ’ s one Merlgen tip: make your cabinets work for you by increasing storage capacity. How? Simple, the right accessories can do wonders. No tricks, no fooling around.   Merlgen has shared the advantages of modular cabinetry. With the wide array of available materials, it will be easy to fuse into a desired look at any budget; the off-site manufacturing offers stress-free home environment; quick installation is time saving; and most importantly, it maximizes the use of available space. To sum it up, it ’ s a  wise storage solution .   Maximizing space does not stop with fitting the cabinets within the desired area. While the cabinet ’ s exterior look can complement and enhance a room ’ s look, planning the inside of a wardrobe, office, kitchen or entertainment cabinet is as essential. Don ’ t they say that what matters most is invisible to the eye? Let them open the cabinet and find out.    A well designed cabinet interior should have the potential to maximize its space for storage