Future perfect summer at Legacy Leisure

Planning a family summer holiday?

Checklist: choose destination, book transportation, place hotel reservations, plot itinerary, prep essentials, select wardrobe, pack. On travel date: rise early, organize, load stuff, hit the road, travel long hours.


Or, you can rise and shine on your good time, grab a towel and sunglasses and head out to a summer getaway just outside your doorstep.


A year-long vacation spree is what Legacy Leisure Residences 

can promise you. Your address is the destination, your personal oasis.


Imagine this: an Olympic-sized swimming pool where residents can dip into to escape the scorching summer heat or set a personal record across the sportsmans course; and a spray pool that can make kids screech with delight. Its a water theme park, a private one, for your use 365 days a year.

The LLR vacation-like offering goes beyond the impressive water feature. Each family member can chill over a favorite hobby or even hone a skill.  While mom is working on a glorious tan on a quiet spot by the pool, dad can head to the pitching green to polish his strokes for the championship season. Kuya can shoot some hoops because who knows, he might just be drafted by his favorite team, and Ate can master her topspin on the tennis court so she can slay her opponents in the next tournament. 


At meal time, the family can gather under a shade tree in the expansive verdant garden for a picture perfect picnic. Unfurl the checkered mat and enjoy a hearty meal from the picnic basket and a hot serving of grilled goodies freshly cooked from the barbecue pit. Yes, the barbecue pit is another LLR feature and a good spot for neighborly gatherings, too. 


Come sunset, the garden can turn to a romantic setting for couples who want to catch the sky wear its fiery hues at days end, and count the stars appearing in the heavens at it turns deep blue.


It can be as gorgeous at sunrise, if youre a morning person. Bask on the scene while you sip your first hot brew for the day or just take a quiet stroll along the jogging path that circles the huge open space. 


Painted in the picture are only the great outdoors. There are more on LLRs amenities roster, the indoors list, which includes a clubhouse, a gym and even a commercial strip where you can shop for your essentials and restaurants to dine in. 


A condominium in Davao with all these benefits? Why not build more residences instead? Holiday Builders, Inc, the developer of Legacy Leisure Residences, is a home-grown brand. As Davaoeños, they know what the locals want and what they need to deliver to improve quality of life.


With that in mind, the design dedicates 70% of the 2.8-hectare development to the creation of top-of-the-line recreation and leisure areas. Only four 16-story residential towers will be built in the area, each with spacious units for individuals and small families. Residents will be able to enjoy the luxury of space, indoors and outdoors. 


Family vacations can be thrilling but the task to prepare can be tiring, if not stressful. What if something comes along and offers you a lifetime of vacation living? A forever of staycations? Wouldnt you grab the chance?


At Legacy Leisure Residences, they make your year-long summer escape as perfectly convenient and exciting as you want it to be. Superior standard vacation amenities at your disposal. Fun and relaxation all day, everyday.


And when friends ask where you spent your summer? Grin and say, In my private oasis.


Visit the Legacy Leisure showroom along Ma-a Road and find out how you can own a piece of paradise in the middle of the city.


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