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Future perfect summer at Legacy Leisure

Planning a family summer holiday? Checklist: choose destination, book transportation, place hotel reservations, plot itinerary, prep essentials, select wardrobe, pack. On travel date: rise early, organize, load stuff, hit the road, travel long hours.   Or, you can rise and shine on your good time, grab a towel and sunglasses and head out to a summer getaway just outside your doorstep.   A year-long vacation spree is what Legacy Leisure Residences   can promise you. Your address is the destination, your personal oasis.   Imagine this: an Olympic-sized swimming pool where residents can dip into to escape the scorching summer heat or set a personal record across the sportsman ’ s course; and a spray pool that can make kids screech with delight. It ’ s a water theme park, a private one, for your use 365 days a year. The LLR vacation-like offering goes beyond the impressive water feature. Each family member can chill over a favorite hobby or even hone a skill.  While mom is working on a gl

Create cool spaces with Merlgen

Summer. What is cool? While there are things that can keep us cool, like air conditioning, a cold fresh fruit drink, loose clothing, there are other things that can help us achieve it.     Interior design can be cool as it can be cooling. It ’ s the individual components: color, lighting, choice of furniture, scale, proportions, when coming together has direct effect on our senses. The ensemble incites a range of impressions. How can it be described? Cool can be one. The feeling? Cooling, and that goes beyond summer.   We spend much of our lives indoors, longer with the pandemic. It has challenged us. The extended time indoors made us question if our living space is comfortable enough, efficient enough and performing to improve our wellbeing. We ’ ve learned the art of decluttering, keeping only what is useful. This is where the importance of smart storage system come into the picture.   “ Now more than ever, people appreciate the importance of good storage spaces, ”  said Honeylet Lim

dusitD2 offers afternoon treats from Siam Lounge and Dusit Gourmet

Finally, after a very long hiatus, i was able to see blogger friends whom i havent seen since the pandemic started. Special thanks to Ms Ariesha Faith Dimaano, Assistant Marketing & Communications Manager of Dusit D2 Davao for keeping us in the loop again over a special Afternoon high tea at Dusit Gourmet.   It was great to finally catch up with my girls and share about life in the new normal. Also  a good  time to catch up with these lovely women in time for this year's International Women's Month. Dusit D2 Davao/s Siam Lounge and Dusit Gourmet  offers a uniquely Filipino themed afternoon high tea experience. since March is Women's Month all ladies may enjoy a 20% discount. The high tea set is good for two persons and consists of sweets, scones and savories, The sweets include banana at langka turon with native tsokolate sauce, Durian tart, steamed ube puto cheese and mini ensaymadas. The scones are traditional raisin and dried mango varieties, and the savory section