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  The pandemic may have caused the slowdown in the economy in 2020, but the year was kind to Legacy Leisure Residences.    “ We have to credit the whole team. We got creative with how we ran things starting from within the company, boosting everyone ’ s morale during an uncertain time, which radiated outwards. The team, which included the brokers, was reconditioned with the product and deals. There was an impressive increase on our sales on the latter half of 2020, ”  said Wesley Bangayan,  VP for sales and Marketing.   The plan for 2021 is to continue to apply the company strategy that proved effective for the project: be very visible online and on print; encourage its partners to challenge themselves; and show prospective clients why it is wise to invest in this condominium project.    “ The unit inventory in Tower 2 was quickly grabbed prior to the price increase. We will keep the ball rolling, ”  said Bangayan.   “ Construction of the first condominium tower, Tower 2, will continue