Noche Buena on the Merlgen kitchen counter

In a small house or big house with a family of two or four, who says the kitchen counter can't be a good spot for Noche Buena?

More people are opting to maximize spaces in their homes. Everybody is into multi-tasking so it won’t come as a surprise that when it comes to choices on home design, spaces should be well planned and ready for various activities. Just like the multi-tasking lifestyle, the kitchen should function the same.


In the past, the kitchen was strictly mom and the cook’s territoryToday, much has changed. Mom and pop wear the chef’s hat, lifestyle is busier and living spaces are getting more compact. It has evolved from a prep-and-cook area to a prep-cook-and-dine zone. It even serves beyond its main purpose as place to cook and dine at any time of day (including sneaking for a snack at midnight). It has become the spot to bond, unwind, work or study. It’s the most used space in any home,and the most versatile.


With that much use, a beautiful kitchen should be in order. A space where anyone can say, “I can live here.” Alongside beauty, efficiency and convenience should also be taken into account in designing one. Merlgen Euro Designs can create one for you


Anyone who can wear the chef’s hat in the household has a say on the kitchen design. They come to Merlgen with a design in mind. They know what they want— colors, materials, cabinet placements. What we do is present our materials and our designers share their ideas on how to optimize the assignedspace,” said Honeylet Lim, manager of Merlgen Euro Design.


Merlgen’s collection of materials are updated regularly. On the selection board are natural wood like Red Oak, high-grade particle boards, laminates and quartz for countertops in an array of tones, and stainless steel hardware. The company makes sure that there is something on their stock that will satisfy the design requirements of the clients at the budget they want.


Lim said that among the collection the most popular choices are the natural wood designs in earth tones, which goes well with a wide range of interior paint colors. For countertops, modernistspick granite in dark tones while the more conventional opt for the lighter shades. For finishes, it’s a fair match between the matte and the glossy. 


Special moments can happen in a beautifully designed multi-functional kitchen, like the Noche Buena. And why not? The kitchen counter can be the new dining table where everything is within reach. It’s prep, cook and serve within arms length—and easier to clean up after a hearty meal.


In this time of quarantine, if you're up to having as hassle-free yet fun gathering over a special midnight meal to welcome Christmas and New Year’s day, why not spruce up the kitchen counter, light up a candle and raise your glasses? Dressing up is optional, you can come down in your PJs and robes. It’s the company that makes anything and everything special. 



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