CONDO LIVING: Legacy Leisure Residences on Designing and Defining Sufficient & Efficient Spaces

What are the considerations in owning a home? Developmentstrumpet location, the distance to essential areas, the amenities and developer’s track record. Legacy Leisure Residences checks all those, and adds another  well-designed and defined spaces.


Space should play a major factor when choosing a place to live, whether you’re single or with family.


Space is important when choosing a place to live because our homes should be our sanctuaries, a stress-free zone that canprovide us a respite from our busy lives. When there is a lack of space, we feel cramped. But with more space, there is less psychological distress because we are able to feel calm and have a sense of peace, says psychologist Maria Isabel Soriano-Lemen, PhD, RPsy and Director of the Center of Psychological and Extension Services at Ateneo de Davao University.


In Davao, space has become a premium. The growing population has made vertical village living an acceptable way of life. Among the towers risingLegacy Leisure Residences condominium along Ma-a Road will offer a spacious and unique option.


Homegrown developer CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. is now building a very exciting resort-themed, wellness-focused vertical village project. Over a 2.8-hectare spread, only four structurally-sound 15-storey buildings will be erected and majority of the acreage will be allotted to leisure and recreational areas.


Roomy residences.


Wesley Bangayan, Legacy Leisure Residences Vice-President for Marketing, says “We’d like to offer the gift of space to our future residents. We are designing our residential projects with generous space to make it more conducive to living.”


All residential units in Legacy Leisure Residences will be roomy. A typical one-bedroom home will have a 37.35sqm in area, 76.35sqm for a 2-bedroom unit and 136.50sqm for a 3-bedroom unit. Whether living alone or with family, appointing one’s desired personal space will be easy.


Personal space is an invisible boundary where one can relax and recharge. Space that allows us to have some privacy, and when ‘crossed’ even by our loved ones, would cause us discomfort. Having our personal space allows us to become more productive,” said Lemen, adding, “Because of the currentpandemic, our perspectives on our dwelling places have changed. Issues of personal space have become more pronounced.”


Expansive open spaces for leisure and recreation.


Beyond the comfort of the homes is another unique and essential feature of Legacy Leisure Residences. As a wellness-focused project, it gives importance to open space. Residents will have their very own water park, sports complex and garden area. This zone will occupy approximately 70of the total area, a figuremore than double the standard requirement for open spaces for a residential development.


Of the 70% open space, almost 55(or 15,600sqm. approx.)will be assigned to green space with a creek (31% or almost 9,000sqm. approx.and community facilities (23% or 6,600sqm.approx.) to include an Olympic-size pool, water theme park, spray park, jogging track, tennis court, basketball court, pitch and putting green, BBQ area, parks and Playground, the club house and function rooms.


In this well-planned development, a sufficient yet efficient road network, outdoor parking and road right of way will only use a fraction of the open space with 15.8% (or 4,500sqm approx.) of the land area.


Psychologist Lemen states, “The issue of recreation has also become an issue. Those who are unable to access playgrounds, parks, and other recreational areas within their villages and dwelling places have found themselves feeling cooped up with stress levels that are much higher because of their limited opportunities for recreation. Conversely, studies have shown that having green or recreational spaces can improve psychological well-being. Studies have also shown that people who live in urban areas with more green spaces have less mental distress, lower levels of anxiety, and greater well-being, to name a few (Barton & Rogerson, 2017). More recreational space can mean more opportunities for physical activity. This, in turn, can increase our psychological well-being.


When living in a community like Legacy Leisure Residencesthat has many recreational and green spaces, residents will be able to control their level of interaction with their neighbors. This will give them a sense of physical and social privacy. There is also a sense of community that will allow them to interact with others within the residential area.


Value for money. 


Now comes the most important part of any decision making—how much is a spacious home in a resort-like vertical village?


With cost of space coming into play, Legacy Leisure Residencesoffers the most economically-priced residential spaces in its categoryCost per square meter is very reasonable most especially if you factor in what’s included in the “total living package”— privacy plus an expansive green zone plus the impressive recreation and leisure amenities plus a well-appointed safety features of the residential complex.


With all these, you’ll will be nodding to the idea of most conducive, safe and exciting vertical village to live in Davao. It can be the wisest investment anyone can make today.


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