CONDO LIVING: Structural integrity comes first. Building Legacy Leisure Residences Earthquake Ready

Structural integrity comes first. This is how CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. design its buildings. Each time the company builds living spaces, safety, comfort and peace of mind for its residents, tenants and guests are on top of mind. A structurally sound building will always present a sense of security.

CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. will abide by this principle with its latest residential project, the the soon-to-rise condominium in Ma-a, Legacy Leisure Residences. Tasked to come up with a structurally sound building with modern aesthetics is the design firm of Design Team @24J Avenue, Inc., a Davao-based company that has handled diverse projects ranging from low-rise to high-rise developments. Part of the team is structural engineer, Engineer Lizardo P. Remojo, who holds a Master’s degree in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering and undertaken projects which have been proven to be structurally safe through the years. 

Even prior to the notable events (the series of earthquakes and the COVID-19 pandemic) that transpired in Davao, the details on Legacy Leisure Residences architectural plans has already addressed the building’s strength and exterior design according to its theme. All bases are covered, so to speak, said the head architect and engineer consultant, on the project’s four buildings with 15 stories each and an impressive amenity area designed on 60% of the total land area.

“The main objective of Legacy Leisure Residences is to come up with a design that depicts a comfortable homey feel and a resort-like ambience that will give the residents an equal grasp of urban living and top-of-the-line leisure. It’s a ‘staycation’-themed mixed-use condominium development. Also, its modern architectural design approach appeals to diverse types of people,” said Architect Gelly Omongos.

But what will hold all these together in times of earthquakes? How safe is it to live in this condominium?

Structural Engineer Lizardo P. Remojo said, “Legacy Leisure Residences is prepared for earthquakes. On the onset of the design phase, the structures were planned to fall under the category of Seismic Source Type-A. The National Structural Code of the Philippines (NSCP) 2015 Edition – Seismic Source Type-A is the main basis for the structural design, the highest category on the NSCP standards.”

To be on the Seismic Source Type-A category, Legacy Leisure Residences’ structures are designed to withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 to 8.40. The strongest magnitude recorded during the 2019 series of earthquakes in Davao was 6.9.

Even the design of the amenities, which includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool, is based on Seismic Source Type-A category, although its location on the ground level makes it less susceptible to damage shall strong earthquakes occur.

There will be no shortcuts in the design and construction of this vertical village project. With the numerous structural members of the building, each will have its own design specification. It has complied with the NSCP with regard to the minimum dimensional limit of structural members such as columns, beams, slabs and has maximized its structural soundness by applying reinforced concrete dual structural system of Special Moment-Resisting Frame (SMRF) and shear walls.

“It will be costly, but the structural output will be very good,” said the structural engineer.

The structural design has undergone a meticulous process and strictly follow the standards of the NSCP. The concern on safety now relies on the workmanship and quality control during the construction phase.

Since the developer, CrisRon Holiday Builders Inc., is also the contractor of the project, the future residents are assured of quality of work. Construction will be closely monitored. Structural integrity will not be jeopardized.

The Bangayan’s and Yap’s make up CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. Two business-oriented families who have been in the construction industry for years now. They have earned the trust of the locals. Resorts (Holiday Oceanview Residences and Camp Holiday Resort) and subdivisions (Orchid Hills and Holiday Oceanview Village) are some of the successful projects in their list. 
ll buildings were able to withstand the series of earthquakes in 2019.

Adding to the list of hospitality establishments is the Mt. Apo Tourist Inn, with three towers of two 7-storey buildings and one 8-Storey Building rising along Mt. Apo Street.
“Our experience in the construction industry as well as their systematic methods of construction assure our buyers that Legacy Leisure Residences is worth your trust,” said Wesley Bangayan, Vice President for Marketing for CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc.

Visit the Legacy Leisure Residence showroom along Ma-a Road and know why it is wise to invest in a homegrown brand that guarantees a structurally safe residence for you.


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