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CONDO LIVING: Structural integrity comes first. Building Legacy Leisure Residences Earthquake Ready

Structural integrity comes first. This is how C risRon Holiday Builders, Inc. design its buildings. Each time the company builds living spaces, safety, comfort and peace of mind for its residents, tenants and guests are on top of mind. A structurally sound building will always present a sense of security. CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. will abide by this principle with its latest residential project, the the soon-to-rise condominium in Ma-a, Legacy Leisure Residences. Tasked to come up with a structurally sound building with modern aesthetics is the design firm of Design Team @24J Avenue, Inc., a Davao-based company that has handled diverse projects ranging from low-rise to high-rise developments. Part of the team is structural engineer, Engineer Lizardo P. Remojo, who holds a Master’s degree in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering and undertaken projects which have been proven to be structurally safe through the years.  Even prior to the notable events (the se