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A new cozy restaurant just opened in the north of Davao City. Dabawenyos will surely enjoy this must-go-to- restaurant  in Lanang. If you are a frequent diner at Rekado Davao,  Chef Pauline's new dishes will excite you when you visit Mr. & Mrs. B Davao - Rekado's new sister resto. 
The place itself speaks a very cozy and comfy look, stylish design and I just love the details in  its furnitures which Chef Pau mentioned were sourced straight from Cebu. 

With food,  Chef Pau's creations are always as delish as ever, never fails to make my tummy happy from Rekado to MMB's table, Chef Paulines dishes never cease to amaze my palate. 

During the food tasting, we were able to try 12 special dishes. all were excellently prepared  and plated by Chef Pau  and her team. Let me just name few of my most favorite dishes prepared by the very young and pretty Chef Pau. 

MMB don't serve white rice. (finally! Ive been looking for a resto that serves healthy rice) Yey! Choices are
MMB Turmeric Rice
Grilled Corn (my personal favorite) or Parmesan Potato Puree

The MMB Grilled Salad. (In photo: MMB's Chef Pau) this definitely hitched all the favorite salad in my healthy salad list. It has romaine, tomato, smoked fish aioli, parmesan, egg yolk and I was amazed how an eggplant puree matches the the salad. I highly recommend this.  

Interesting appetizer here. The Bone Marrow Butter also caught  my attention, the herb salad on the side, and the Himalayan Salt that you may opt or opt not to  sprinkle on the Ciabatta Crostini.

Tuna Carpaccio. This is also a-must-try when you visit here.  A perfect mixture of Olive oil, lemon, garlic, basil-capers dressing, chili, sweet pickes, arugula. 

Avocado Smoothie.
This is my very personal favorite! Because Im an avocado lover, I was so happy to have tried this.
So very avocado indeed! Will definitely come back for this. 

This 400 gram MMB Grilled Pork Chop looked like a steak to me!
But it really is Grilled Pork Chop! So tasty, served big and tender.
Personal tip, pair it with Chef Pau's Grilled Corn inspired from one of her travels abroad. 

The Shrimp Puttanesca also caught my palate's attention. Theres somethting about it maybe it the garlic,
the  anchovies, olive oil and the seasoned shrimps that wowed me.

Chef Pauline's dishes is something you should be trying out whenever or whatever brings you to the north. Foodies and Dabawenyos will really love how this very young pretty chef creates amazing dishes mostly  inspired from her travels abroad.
Let Mr & Mrs B Davao take you to places thru your palates.

Media Dinner. Thanks for having me Chef Pau, Maam Lena and Sir Jinggoy!

Visit:  Mr. & Mrs. B Davao:
(Back of Patok Sa  Manok)
Lanang, Davao City

Lunch: 11am-2pm
Dinner: 5pm -10pm
Tuesdays -Sundays


  1. The food looks delicious. I didn't know that such restaurant already exists near our area. Thank you for this recommendation.

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