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Food & Dining : Mr. & Mrs. B Davao

A new cozy restaurant just opened in the north of Davao City. Dabawenyos will surely enjoy this must-go-to- restaurant  in Lanang. If you are a frequent diner at Rekado Davao,  Chef Pauline's new dishes will excite you when you visit Mr. & Mrs. B Davao - Rekado's new sister resto.  The place itself speaks a very cozy and comfy look, stylish design and I just love the details in  its furnitures which Chef Pau mentioned were sourced straight from Cebu.  With food,  Chef Pau's creations are always as delish as ever, never fails to make my tummy happy from Rekado to MMB's table, Chef Paulines dishes never cease to amaze my palate.  During the food tasting, we were able to try 12 special dishes. all were excellently prepared  and plated by Chef Pau  and her team. Let me just name few of my most favorite dishes prepared by the very young and pretty Chef Pau.  MMB don't serve white rice. (finally! Ive been looking for a resto that serves health

Rekado’s New Addition in time for Valentine’s Day

From the smallest to the largest, we Filipinos love celebrations, and we find reasons to flock together. At the center of each gathering is food the group of two or more can share. Valentine’s Day is no different. Dating has gone beyond the concept of taking out one loved one. It’s now about taking out everyone we love.   For Chef Pauline, Valentine’s Day is a good day to spice up Rekado ‘s menu with new entries. “It’s more Filipino food we all love but with a twist on it, which is how we present our version of comfort food since Day 1,” she said, adding, “Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to introduce our new menu because we know everyone will be out dining with their loved ones.” Everything is conceived and made with love. Here are the new delicious dishes on Rekado’s menu: Morcon Rekado Style Stuffed beef marinated in soy mixture and braised with aromatics until fork tender. The beef is rolled with flavorful filling of Spanish chorizo, cheese and chicken li