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Your dream cabinetry by Merlgen in 3 easy steps

Everything starts with a dream. You have a clear picture in your mind  of how your ideal  cabinetry  will look  like .   With ease, y ou see yourself  moving  from one cabinet section to  another. E verything is where it should be , everything  within easy reach.    From a distance , the space is  a pretty picture . All components complement  from the tones of the wall to the pieces of furniture around it.  You nod with contentment to the   well-planned  space . A ll you need is someone to  help you  turn  this vi sion to reality.   Now,  you   search for  a reputable partner  to  make it happen .  Look into the company’s  experience , this  counts a lot. S o does the  string of  delighted  clients on its  roster.  They have  to be knowle dgeable with the  trends, hold  a wide range of the latest materials  in their  cache,  and   supported by  modern technology , too.   A seasoned company can boast of a good  track record. All t hese bear weight on your decision .  Choo se someone eas

Maricris F. Brias’ Coral panels win prestigious Red Dot: Product Design 2020 award

Maricris Floirendo-Brias , Creative Director  of TADECO Home, adds another  feather on her cap . She   highligh ted   an origina l Davao- hand crafted  creation  in the  international design arena, and scores a prestigious design award.   Not one but two designs  by  Maricris F. Brias for TADECO Home were awarded the distinguished Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 under the new meta   category of Innovative Products. Because of the designs’ use of innovative components, the Brain Coral Panel and  Sea Fan Coral Wall Panel was awarded  this prestigiou s distinction in Essen, Germany last June. The   winning  designs  will be presented in the R ed Dot Design Museums, in the online presentation and in the Red Dot Design Yearbook.    The ‘ Sea Fan  Coral’ and ‘Brain Coral’  wall panel and  partition are design ed  to resemble coral s  native to the Philippine seas. This decorative elem ent is made up  of metal bars covered with abaca fibres  held together with metal wire of copper, stainle


  Even during the pandemic Legacy Leisure Residences assures its investors that construction is on schedule. Wesley Bangayan, Vice-President for Marketing of Legacy Leisure Residences, said they are adhering to their construction timeline and can deliver on target date.    “There is no delay on the construction  timeline ,” assured Bangayan.   “ Currently,  the project’ s contractor  is  working on  the foundation for T ower 2, the first building being  erected .  The ground has been cleared,  flattene d, and mapped out. Foundation work i s  on schedule . ”   The  resort-type  condominium project along Ma-a Road broke ground on January 30  of  this year. On the same day , the Legacy Leisure Residence showroom was also inaugu rated ,  where f utur e residents can get a glimpse of the spacious soon-to-be-homes.   A  month  after the groundbreaking ceremony, in March,  the nationwide  lo ckdown was implemented suspending field and office work. In May, the restrictions were eased and allo

MERLGEN, customizing homes

Sleek, modern and highly functional, modular cabin etry has changed the look of the home and lives of its residents.    As on e  condominium dweller  affirms , “Modular cabinetry is custom-made to match my needs and at the same time it fits my space perfectly. It is  a good design solution. ”    “The focus now is the user.  Modern c abinetry has become more than just  sto rage space s . Its design objective is to make sure it serves the user’s precise requirements from  aesthetic  to ergonomics. It should  serve the user in every aspect and  deliver ease and comfort,” said Honeylet Lim, general manager of  MERLGEN  Euro Design, Inc .   In Davao, the preference  f or custom-made modular  furnishing was  slowly  gaining traction on the onset of 2010 .  The superior manufacturers though were distant ,  with Cagayan de  O ro  the closest  to the city . The  Bangayans  had  cabinets customized  in CDO  for their new home. However, after-sales service posed as a problem. Ther e was a long wa

CONDO LIVING: Legacy Leisure Residences on Designing and Defining Sufficient & Efficient Spaces

What are the considerations in owning a ho me?   D evelopments t rumpet location,  th e distance to essential areas,  the amenities and  developer’s track record.  Legacy L ei sure Residences   checks all  those, and adds another  –   well-desi g n ed and defined spaces.   Space should  play a major  factor when choosing a place to live, whether you’re  single or with family .   “ Space is important when choosing a place to live because our homes sho uld be our san ctuaries, a stress-free zone that can provide us a respite from our busy lives. When there is a lack of spac e, we feel cramped. But with  more space, there is  less psychological distress because we are able to feel  calm and have a sense of peace, ”  says  psychologist Maria Isabel Soriano-Lemen, PhD, RPsy and Director of the Center of Psychological and Extension Services at Ateneo de Davao University.   In Davao, s pace has become a premium . The growing population has made   v ertical village living an acceptable way of