On Financial Planning: Get Yourself Covered Online in Minutes - Paperless, Fast and Easy!

Financial planning is always a challenge for families. Getting a life insurance in particular takes a lot of time, thorough study and deciding especially if you have already children in the family. Though insurances pays a lot of benefits, but the hassles in getting one and being tied to paying it for years gives delays in deciding sometimes.

Now, With FWD Life Philippines' Kanduu Plans, getting an insurance is no longer a hassle. with their newest plans being offered online, you can get yourself covered in as fast as 10 minutes! And you can do it online, no fuss. No medical, no paperwork, exciting partner rewards, manageable in app.

FWD Kanduu Products to choose from:

If you are 18-50 yo protect your family with P500,000 cash benefit in case of accidental death up to age 55
Disability Support of P500,000 
Buy Kanguard  and get 1 year Assist America global emergency services
Emergency Assistance  when you travel at least 150km from your home

Critical Illness Starter Plan
18-50 Years old
Protection against 42 crirical illnesses
No medical tests
Get covered for P100,000 up to age 55 for only P1799 per year.
Get 6 months unlimited Konsulta MD telemedicine

Life Insurance Starter Plani if youre 18-50 yrs old and be protected for only P1799
Financial Support for Family 
Cash Benefirt of P200,000 for family members in case if death.
1 year unlimited medical consults at Aventus Clinics

Me as a mom of four boys, need to be really keen on buying what should  the best life insurance for my children, with FWD's Kanduu products, its hard to choose which fits our family because all of three products offers different life insurance benefits. My husband, Steve just brought his life insurance policy recently from FWD that leaves me the last to have mine. So I bought Kanlive bec it fits my family's insurance needs. 

What amazes me is that not a single paperwork was required to get myself secured. Just an ID, a photo of yourself and P1799! No fuss! 
Here are some screenshots on How to Purchase FWD Kanduu Product-Kanlive

And for the longest time I just purchased my first life insurance for one year for only P1799 
Hassle free, No paperworks, no medical check ups. Got myself covered  online in less than 10 minutes! Who said I cant do? FWD Insurance Kanduu! Thank you FWD!


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