Wellmade Executives with Ms Phoebe Sy - Deputy Operations Manager

Did you know that Wellmade Manufacturing Corporation's  Select Soy Sauce and Sukang Puti  are Philippine made and has been around the Filipino kitchen for 44 years now?

A husband and wife Chinese migrants established Essential Manufacturing in 1975 with Select Soy Sauce and Select Vinegar as the company’s main products. With limited capital, they started a small business with minimal production and distribution limited in Luzon,” said Joseph Charles Cruel, the managing director of Wellmade.
Wellmade Managing Director- Joseph Charles Cruel

"We’re a year short of turning 45 years old. We took small yet sure steps with the company’s growth. This year will be another milestone for Wellmade when the Select products will start its distribution in Visayas and Mindanao,” he said.

With Select's high quality, healthy cooking products and really affordable to consumers, are just onf of the few reasons why its been tried and tested for more than 4 decades now. The soy sauce are made from naturally fermented soy and the vinegar is made from naturaly ferment
Wellmade's goal now is to make Select product to be available to Visayas and Mindanao market. With its affordable supermarket prices. 

" In fact, in Luzon, we are priced lower than the brands Select shares the grocery, sari-sari store and even the public market shelves with. The 200ml Select Soy Sauce with Easy Twist Cap is only Php 7.50 while the 200ml Select Sukang Puti with Easy Twist Cap is tagged low at Php 5.35. Price and positioning of the products should be very accessible to everyone. We will make sure it is the same in Visayas and Mindanao,” 

Pork Adobo and Pancit Canton cooked  with Select Soy Sauce and Vinegar by Dusit D2's  culinary team

Dusit D2 Executive Sous Chef Rauzer Garcia

Truly, the Select Soy Sauce  and Vinegar has the right taste suitable for traditional Filipino way of cooking. Yesterday's Select product launch in Mindanao held at Dusit Thani Residences Davao was a tummy filling launch., Media and VIP guests were able to try Pinoy dishes cooked with Select Soy Sauce and Sukang Puti prepared by Dusit D2's  culinary team led by Executive Sous Chef Rauzer Garcia. Indeed, the quality of taste and how naturally fermented the  products are  made the taste of Select products extra special that most Filipino moms love to have in their kitchen.

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  1. Great product! Where can i inquire for me to be a distributor? Thanks


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