SEDA ABREEZA: Spectacular At Six

Vintage Carnival Theme Party

Seda Abreeza- Davao City's urban lifestyle hotel recently celebrated their sixth year in the hotel industry. The hotel celebrated their latest milestone with partners, guests, media and clients in a spectacular vintage carnival themed party.

GM Ken Kapulong

GM Ken Kapulong ang VIP Guests

Spectacular At Six Party host, Joey Sy
Dubbed as ¨Spectacular at Six: The Vintage Carnival¨ the event was full of fun, good music and a showcase of food. GM Ken Kapulong thanked the hotel´s clients and guests in his speech. ¨Six years in Davao and as the name Seda suggests we had a seamless and smooth journey being here. Whether you are still celebrating with us, We owe it all to you.¨

GM Ken and Seda Abreeza's Department Heads

What made the event more exciting was the fun 50´s and circus inspired colorful settings. And production numbers by Siningtala Dance Company and a good music by no less than Muzicskool´s Gap 69.

Siningtala Dance Company

Muzicskool's GAP 69

During the Appreciation Night, Tatler awardee, Misto as always showcased an impressive buffet of sumptuous food prepared by Chef Bang Sibala and her culinary team. The Roasted Angus Beef was a crowd favorite, along with the many other delicious offerings at Misto. But im always excited for their new desserts. This time, i came bac twice for the Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Cake, but Misto´s Churros is my forever love.

Roasted Angus Beef

Cheese Bar

Mini Franks in a Bun


Churros in Chocolate Sauce

Seda Abreeza sends gratitude to all guests, partners and clients and shares their excitement to spend more fruitful years in the hotel industry.

Congratulations, Seda Abreeza Hotel!
Thank you for always having us in all your milestones.

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