Who says you cant put together a delightful coffee fix, good food and art? SPARK COFFEE+CRAFTS is not just your ordinary cafe in the streets of Marfori. In Davao, there may be a hundred and more cafes to choose from when all you wanted to do is to release stress after a days work. During the last leg of DDI's month long Davao food crawl, i was happy to find myself sitting in this really artsy cafe and being able to try out their food offerings is heaven!
While waiting for the food, I took photos of the cafe to  show you whats inside Spark Coffee + Crafts. this cafe is owned by 5 cousins who at first was into arts and crafts  and  selling it online but later on decided to venture into owning up their own cafe where people cannot  just sit and have coffee alone but to also have an artsy experience  because Spark hold art workshops once in a while.
Ive heard about Spark for quite sometime already but it is only until las weekend that i was able to visit the cafe. Thanks to. Davao Digital Influencers' Davao Food. Crawl, a bloggers" iniitiative to promote a number of homegrown Davao restaurant to online readers
Aside from the love for  arts and crafts, Im a self confessed foodie. Sharing some of the dishes and desserts team ddi indulged in last weekend.
beef salpicao
beef lasagna
frenchees (deep fried cheese sandwich) 
aglio olio
matcha smoothie
chocolate java chips
banana sundae w strawberry ice cream

How To Get There:
Ruby Streer Paseo Uno Building
Marfori Heights Davao. City
For Booking & Events:: +63 82 225 1536


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