If you find yourself thinking about certain food and your thoughts glued onto which restaurant to go to just to satisfy your cravings, your mind is probably telling you to go to OUT OF NOWHERE KITCHEN TORRES and have a dining experience like no other.

Out of Nowhere Kitchen recently opened its 3rd branch near Torres in Davao. Owned and managed by Mr. Jico Haw, OONT serves delicious dishes ideal for friends and family dine outs as food here offers really huge servings.  My relationship with food took a step further after i dined here at OONT. Eveything is delicious! Apart from the yummy dishes, The place is really cool and cozy, I fell in love how the interiors were nicely decorated with artsy crafts and wall arts.  Every corner is instagrammable! The place also caters to private functions and parties. See rates below. 

Restaurant Photos:

Friendly OONT Staff

Function room rates are as follows: 

12 pax - 3,500/3hrs extend 500/hr
24 pax - 7,000/3hrs/ extend 1,000/hr
36 pax - 10,000/3hrs/ extend 1,500/hr
48 pax - 13,000/3hrs/ extend 2,000/hr
60 pax - 16,000/3hrs/ extend 2,500/hr

Food as I mentioned above offers generous servings.  During the food tasting lunch with fellow bloggers and media two weeks ago, food they served are insanely delicious. Can you find the towering rice from the photos? Generous! Sharing some of my top picks and personal favorites.  See food photos below.

Grilled Scallops P270

Seafood Shrimp in Aligue Pasta P280

Asian Grilled Chicken P220

Shrimp Gambas P240

Chili Con Nachos P250

Mushroom Pasta witj Smoked Salmon P280

The Submarine P290

L-R: Pistachio Malibu, Jarvis, jardine Roca, Mango Snow

Did you hear about the latest buzz in town? The spicy chicken wings eating challenge is making the OON diners crazy in trying out their latest eating challenge.  Join the Spicy Chicken Wings eating challenge and win youself some GCs plus your photo posted on their Wall of Fame!
Here's how: 


1. Go to your nearest OON branch.
2. Order a Spicy Chicken Wings.
3. Make a video while doing the challenge with hastag #SpicyChickenWingsChallenge
4. Time limit: 8 minutes.
5. No napkin/tissue, you have to lick your fingers clean.
6. If you survive the challenge you will receive a gift certificate worth P300. Plus, we put your name in the Wall of Fame.
7. Before your video ends, dare someone to do the challenge.
8. Upload your video in Facebook and Tag 10 friends.
Note: Before you eat the Spicy Chicken Wings we will let you sign an Accident Waiver and Release of Liability.

Book your table: 
Voyager Street Near Torres 
Davao City


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