According to research, significant number of Filipino children nowadays are underweight and experiencing stunted growth and is becoming a health and development concern. Alaska Milk Corporation along with Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) had a media round table discussion just recently as a support to “Tamang tangkad Tamang Bigat” program.
According to FNRI, 1 out of every 3 children in the Philippines aged 5 to 10 are suffering from stunted growth. And also 1 out of 3 children aged 5 to 10 are underweight.

FNRI’s “Pinggang Pinoy”

The World Health Organization blames poor nutrition to be one of the main reason for stunted growth among children. If not addressed properly. It will result to weakened immune system and underlyiing diseases as well as poor nutrient absorption upon growth.

Alaska Milk Corporation’s successful Batang Alaska  School Milk Program in Manila was a success and was later brought to Davao wherein media and bloggers discussed about the issue and aim to raise awareness among parents, students, teachers that proper nutrition is essential to combat poor growth and development.

Media Round Table Discussion with FNRI Resource Speaker Ms Josefina Gonzales 

Alaska Milk’s mission and vision is to promote affordable nutrition in the Philippine because through the campaign, Filipino children and teenagers achieve their full potential. Thats why Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk supports this goal.
“We encourage everyone to drink milk everyday and to also partner it with an active lifestyle. Dahil wala pa rin tatalo sa Alaska.” said Isabel Ruiz Alaska Milk Corporation Marketing Manager.

During the round table discussion, FNRI’s MS Josefina T. Gonzales -Science Research Specialist II Food and Nutrtion Training Unit of DOST-FNRI shared information regarding the country’s nutrition status. 

To know more about the Tamang Tangkad Tamang Timbang Program and the new Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk, visit: Alaska Milk Corporation


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