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In this digital day and age, people have become more dependent and attached to internet and social media when it is actually easier to access the digital world in just one click. Unlike in the early years when people’s lives were more simple and a little more private, The fast progression of technology through the years made things easy for todays genearation to live a life with internet, Surely there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages too. One of which is Cyberbullying. The Philippines, specifically has now 67 million, internet users active social media accounts thus making us more prone to digital bullying, especially the youth. Globe Telecom’s #makeITsafePh campaign under the CyberPinoy cyber wellness program aims to educate the proper and harm of internet use, signs in getting cyber bullied and how to avoid being a victim. WHAT IS CYBERBULLYING? Cyberbullying is when someone uses technology  to bully or hurt someone thru the internet or social media. Sending ha


Seda Abreeza celebrates 5 soaring years Seda Abreeza, Davao's urban lifestyle hotel recently celebrated its 5th anniversary with full of activities and with the black and white themed anniversary party dubbed as "Soaring at 5." Celebrating its milestone for five years now as the premier hotel destination in Davao City and still continues to bring the best feelings in the world to every guest who stays in the hotel whenever in the city. The soiree 5th anniversary party was also their annual showcase of good food, good music and entertainment, and get together. "Much of what we have achieved were a product of hardwork and teamwork but above all putting into heart that genuine Fillipino hospitality is what makes any hotel experience complete." Hotel General Manager Ken Kapulong shared. GM Ken Kapulong expresses his gratitude and appreciation to all guests. A toast for the 5 years of excellence in the hotel industry. What made th

Olive Puentespina, the cheesemaker’s life and style

"In 2008, Olive officially started producing cheese under the Malagos Farmhouse brand." On Olive: M&S white linen ruffle sleeve top and black linen pants. Her cheesemaking story started in Year 2000 with three goats, Marvin, Jolina and Rica, the onset of Olive’s husband-veterinarian collection of ruminants. The number grew with each farm visit, and grew more as the goats bred. How does one earn from this hobby? Olive bottled fresh goat’s milk to sell. It didn't click. Goat’s milk soap was out of the question since it used very little milk. How else can milk be preserved, asked the UPLB-graduate who worked at the university’s Dairy Training and Research Institute? Cheese. So started Olive Puentespina’s cheesemaking career. She took lessons from a colleague, then from two Swiss cheese masters from Pontresina, Master’s classes in San Francisco, and so on. “My cheese journey—getting educated in dairying and cheese making— has brought me to the US, Mon