Few months after Patok Sa Manok opened and launched its new look and adding up a number of new food in their menu apart from its classic lechon manok and filipino dishes, now comes the Patok Sa Manok bakery. Finally found a haven for tasty breads and cakes. My love for food is endless!

PSM is not just about lechon manok now, its a one stop shop complete restaurant of Filipino food and desserts.  When Chef Pauline invited team DDI and media friends to the launch of PSM bakery, I was delighted to try Chef Pau's yummy breads and cakes. My personal favorites were the Ensaymada and Silvanas. If you live near Tulip Drive, and craves for pandesal, youre one lucky resident from the South. PSM offers hot pandesal 11 in the morning and around 4 pm in the afternoon. I cant wit for the other PSM branches to renovate and reopen just like this one in Tulip Drive Matina.

Dining here is always a tummy filling experience. Happy place indeed. Sharing with you some of my instant favorites.

Classic Ensaymada

L-R; Premium Ensaymada , Classic Ensaymada

Classic And Durian Silvanas

Durian Chiffon Cake

Ube Macapuno Cake

Chocolate Cake

Hot Pandesal is available at 11am and 4pm
heavy, is it Sir Jinggoy?

Chef Pauline Malilin and the spread of her yummy creations
Thank you Chef!



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