Jolly Recipe #3: Shiitake Pesto Jolly Pasta

I am on a rest day, no events which means im on a house arrest and do nothing else but mommy duties. So i decided to play around the kitchen and make use of the Jolly products Flyace Corporation sent me just recently. Recipe in mind is something I could  put on the table this Noche Buena. Im a pasta lover myself so I tried cooking Shiitake Pesto Pasta using most of the ingredients that can easily be bought from the supermarket.

Shiitake Pesto Jolly Pasta

2 cloves garlic minced
2-3 Tbsp Dona Elena Olive Oil
100 grams chicken breast
boiled and shredded
1 small can Jolly Shiitake Mushroom
2- 3 Tbsp Green Pesto Sauce
2 pcs tomatoes sliced
100 grams Dona Elena Artisan Pasta cooked
1/8 tsp salt and pepper to taste

To Cook:
Heat olive oil
saute garlic, add chicken
add shiitake mushroom
add pesto sauce
add tomato
mix well
add cooked pasta and toss until evenly coated with pesto
season with salt and pepper to taste
serve hot

serves 3-4
Here's a short video for a quick guide. Watch it here..


  1. Pwede na mag video blogger! Looks so yum, Mommy! I will try this too :) Thank you :)


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