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The Gift of Fragrance & Grooming From Rocky’s

4 days to go before Christmas!  Still don't know what to give to the special man in your life? How about the gift of scent and grooming from Rocky’s Barbershop ? Rocky’s launched its new line of fragrances for men this year. As tribute to the year the first Rocky’s branch in Victoria Plaza Mall, it named its premier scent 1996. “1996 comes in two variations—perfume and aftershave. The aftershave will be the in-house, after grooming splash of Rocky’s,” said Kay Gempesaw, Rocky’s Marketing Manager. The signature scent bears the fragrance that best describes the Rocky’s man—classic and traditional. It is woody, aromatic and musky with lemon and lavender on the top notes, tarragon and thyme for the middle notes and patchouli and musk for the base notes.   “This is the first Christmas for the 1996 fragrance and we are putting the perfume and after shave in one gift pack. This is an ideal gift for men. It ‘s available in all the five outlets of Rocky’s in the mall of D

Pastry Chef Booboo Maramba Shares Her Top 20 M&S Christmas Food Gift Ideas

Chef Booboo and her Top 20 M&S Food Gift Ideas Leave it to mom to have the Christmas list completed long before the Yuletide mood kicks  in, get the gifts and delivered even before the recipients can set up the Christmas trees. “Food is the wisest gift to give with desserts and chocolates the most popular. It can be enjoyed by many plus the sweet treats can double the happy feelings this season,” says Booboo Maramba, Davao’s pastry queen and the first Wilton Method Instructor of the Philippines. Chef Booboo is renowned for her beautiful, classy and meticulously decorated cakes specifically for milestone celebrations. She may have set the spatula aside waiting for her successor, her daughter, to take over, but if she does pick it up, the client must really be close to her heart, or extremely lucky. On special occasions like Christmas she would concoct something special for her closest friends and family. But as much as she wants to customize each gift, the long list


Good news Cebu and Davao residents, the country's first terrestrial television product, ABS CBN TVplus, is redefining every Filipinos' viewing experience by rolling out its internet-ready DTT boxes called ABS CBN TVplus internet In select Cebu and Davao. ABS CBN TVplus' latest innovation will let you enjoy a wireless internet connectivity and free exclusive channels from only one gadget. Powered by the ABS CBN mobile prepaid srick, the new ABS CBN TVplus Internet box functions as a wifi hotspot, that would allow up to four devices to connect. It has 4 built in apps to enjoy, including the IWANT TV Express that can only be accessed using the ABS CBN mobile prepaid stick.  The internet ready DTT were launched outside Metro Manila to serve Filipinos who are in more need of of DTT experience. Apart from the Facebook app, Wikipedia is also accessible thru the mobile prepaid stick. Unbixing Abs CbN TVplus Internet Powered by ABS CBN mobile, it also


Its the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is only a few days away and everyone is so busy wrapping up presents for friends and family.  I haven't even started wrapping up gifts yet but I'm excited as everyone else. Christmas is not about just gifts anyway! Its about spending the holidays with your family and love ones in each of your homes or some place special that's comfortable and stylish as  Seda Abreeza . Davao's urban lifestyle hotel is ready to give its guests the best Holiday Christmas Celebration. Seda Abreeza' s holiday package is available with special compliments from the hotel. A Christmas Eve and New Years Eve Mass will be held in the hotel on the 24th and the 31st to remember the most special occasions of the year, On December 24, Misto diners will enjoy a sumptuous food showcase prepared by Misto's culinary team. Guests will be serenated with live music all  night with surprise raffle prizes. Buffet will be available at Php 1680

Jolly Recipe #3: Shiitake Pesto Jolly Pasta

I am on a rest day, no events which means im on a house arrest and do nothing else but mommy duties. So i decided to play around the kitchen and make use of the Jolly products Flyace Corporation sent me just recently. Recipe in mind is something I could  put on the table this Noche Buena. Im a pasta lover myself so I tried cooking Shiitake Pesto Pasta using most of the ingredients that can easily be bought from the supermarket. Shiitake Pesto Jolly Pasta Ingredients: 2 cloves garlic minced 2-3 Tbsp Dona Elena Olive Oil 100 grams chicken breast boiled and shredded 1 small can Jolly Shiitake Mushroom 2- 3 Tbsp Green Pesto Sauce 2 pcs tomatoes sliced 100 grams Dona Elena Artisan Pasta cooked 1/8 tsp salt and pepper to taste To Cook: Heat olive oil saute garlic, add chicken add shiitake mushroom add pesto sauce add tomato mix well add cooked pasta and toss until evenly coated with pesto season with salt and pepper to taste serve hot serves