The New Kairos Seafood Restaurant

Formerly Kairos Kitchen, now  Kairos Seafood Restaurant has reopened last August 18, 2017 with a now bigger and better must-go-to place here in Davao City. Bigger because Kairos now have four function rooms that can cater to as many as 30, 18, 15 and 10 pax.  If you are looking for a place to book your special events and parties, I would definitely recommend Kairos because the place is neatly designed, the interiors are elegent. Better Kairos because the resto is now Sea-riously offering live fresh seafoods that you can hand pick and have it cooked to have a really fresh seafood feast to satisfy your cravings.

When Kairos Seafood Restaurant reopened last August 18, Team DDI was there to celebrate with the ribbon cutting and lunch. The food were great. everything in the lunch menu were Delish! Impressive plating as well. Drinks and desserts were superb too! I just miss the famous bulad breakfast they used to offer at Kairos kitchen.

Kairos owner, Ma'am Sharon is originally from Luzon but fell in love with Davao when she went here few years ago. She and her family then decided to move and put up a restaurant business here,  Thank you for inviting Team DDI Maam!
Function Rooms

Cold Prawn Salad

Kairos Special Balls

Fried Prawns wirh Quaker Oats

Fried Crabs with Salted Egg

Grilled Seafood

Mango Roll

How to get there:
Kairos Seafood Restaurant
Loyola Street Davao City

Book your table:

Tel Number: 082- 224-5710
Open: 10am - 2pm


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