Much Needed Mom's Day Out by Sunlife Financial Philippines

Mother of four boys. Sahm. Juggles motherhood and chores for 16 years now. Giving birth and raising my kids is already a gift. A privilege that I cherish closely to my heart. Most of the time its fun and overwhelming, sometimes we mothers feel like its the hardest non paying 24- hour job you will ever do in your life. But we mothers should also remember that there's a lot of responsibilities that come with being a mom. That is to give ourselves the kind of Self Care we all need. Ditch the guilt of forgetting about chores in exchange of having some me- time. I do this too. I do go out and get to find some time alone. Normally during weekends. I let myself recharge and rebalance and believe me, it works everytime!

Just recently, Sunlife Financial Philippines invited me and some fellow mommies and gave us an exciting treat. Its every mom's wish after a very long day with chores for both working moms and stay at home moms. Here are the highlights of Sunlife's Mom's Day Out event.

We were pampered with a relaxing back massage courtesy of Elysia Spa's skilled masaage therapists. Relaxing it is!

short yet relaxing 15 minute back and head massage

Thank you Elysia!

Moms were then ushered  outdoors and we shared some afternoon refreshments together prepared by Park Inn Radisson Davao I cannot complain, the food were good. and sharing a conversation with fellow moms is as fun as always. Funny how we share the same "domesticated' sentiments with each other. well, because.. Moms!

My favorite part of the day was when Ms Michele Alignay had a talk about Balanced Motherhood. I'm glad she chose to share this kind of topic because these are the things we moms need to be able to gladly fulfill our duties and responsibilities in home making, balancing our care towards are spouses, children and of course not forgetting about how to take care of ourselves too.

Family Life Specialist Ms Michelle Alignay shared her knowledge about Balanced Motherhood

Here she discussed how a mom should have a practical self care.  A healthy self care that allows tired  moms to re-balance and renew "self" and not feel guilty about it because in the end we and even our children and spouses will thank us for why we took time to Self Care.

Carving Practical Self Care

Towards the end of the day, I love how Sunlife discussed My Future Fund and shared about How to Build an Educational Fund.  Ms Mylene Samonte  Sunlife's Cluster Head for Mindanao talked about financial freedom as our children reach college years. That additional years in school will actually equate to additional education costs. In Sunlife's My Future Fund,  your child's future in college will be secured and will be truly future-ready.

Thank You Sunlife Financial Philippines for last Saturday's sparty and treating Dabawenya moms to a day full of raffle prizes,  massage and afternoon snacks. It was really a fun Moms Day Out indeed!

To know more about Sunlife's My Future Fund:

Facebook Page : Sunlife Financial Philippines
Website: Sunlife Financial Phiippines


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