Lamudi Partners with Davao City Investment Promotion Center

The Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC) has recently partnered with a top real estate marketplace,  Lamudi to further strengthen the city's real estate industry. They aim to train homegrown brokers and gear them for a digitalization of real estate marketing.

'Davao City has been in the spotlight as one of the prime centers for investment and tourism in the country today. Tourists and investors visiting Davao are seeking for areas where they can reside during their stay in the city. With Lamudi opening its doors in Davao City, opportunities for both brokers and buying market are made easier," said Lemuel Ortonio, officer in charge of the DCIPC.

"Assisting Davao real estate in going fullblast online is a proud feat for Lamudi. We are making history by gradually shifting the industry from its traditional practices toward easier, faster and more convenient real time transactions." shared Ms Bhavna Suresh, Managing Director of Lamudi Group.

Lamudi also analyzed its onsite search data in 2016 and found that the page views for Davao City properties averaged 48,000 per month while the monthly average for the forst six months of 2017, then after increased to 53,000. the global real estate website predicts search traffic for Davao City properties to grow 2.41 percent per month for the next 12 months.


Lamudi is a leading global property portal focusing exclusively on emerging markets.It offer sellers, buyersm landlords and renters a secure and easy to use platform to find or list properties online, Established in 2013 in Berlin, Germany and it is currently available in Asia and the Middle East.

Bhavna Suresh Chathambeh
Managing Director of the Lamudi Group

For more info, visit:
Website: LAMUDI
Facebook/ App: Lamudi App


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