Jolly Meaty Cabbage Wraps

The kids are back to school for a month now and we moms  are back to the kitchen too putting our best to prepare the best back-to-school-baon creatively done healthy and filling for our children.
Good thing there's Jolly food products by FlyAce Corporation that we can easily grab from almost all the supermarkets nationwide and helps us find easy  family meals, lessen back to school stress and help us up in creating quick and hearty baon, breakfast and packed lunches.
Jolly products by Flyace Corp. sent me and some of my co-ddi moms some jolly goodies and I am pleased to share what i have created for back-to-school baon recipe. Quick, easy, but filling and healthy!

Jolly Meaty Cabbage Wraps

1 tsp olive oil
1/4  kilo lean ground pork
Minced Garlic
Minced Onion
Red Bell Pepper
1/4 cup Shredded Carrots
1/4 cup green peas (cooked)
1/2 cup Jolly Corn kernel (whole)
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 whole cabbage

How to cook:

Saute garlic, onions in olive oil
Add ground pork, mix until light brown
Add red bell pepper, shredded carrots
Salt and Pepper. Mix well.
Pour in cooked peas and Jolly Corn Kernels
Once cooked, Set aside.

How to prepare cabbage wrap:

Peel cabbage and wash properly.
Bring to a boil clean water. Blanch each cabbage until soft. (Careful not to over boil the cabbage)
Drain and set aside.

Roll onto blanched cabbage around one teaspoon of mixed ground meat.
Serve freshly cooked
Makes 6-8 pcs.


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