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Have you ever felt  like your group of friends in a blogging community are so close and you feel like they are already your family? Some friends actually fit perfectly in my life just like my DDI family.. A year ago, I decided to join Davao Digital Influencers because I knew back then that  have chosen the best group with wonderful people in it. A community of passionate bloggers, influencers, video bloggers, micro bloggers,  thus its aim is to Engage, Influence and Make A Difference. It was in July of 2016 that DDI was launched, quickly we grew in numbers. We then became one with our common goal that is to  become advocates of responsible social media use. How fast time flies! Tonight, we will be partying and celebrating our first year together as DDI Family. Thank you DDI, Joining you is the best decision i had ever made in my 6 blogging years. You have the most GENUINE PEOPLE. Thank you DDi for being a "one size, fits all" blogging community. You welcome like-

Jolly Meaty Cabbage Wraps

The kids are back to school for a month now and we moms  are back to the kitchen too putting our best to prepare the best back-to-school-baon creatively done healthy and filling for our children. Good thing there's Jolly food products by FlyAce Corporation that we can easily grab from almost all the supermarkets nationwide and helps us find easy  family meals, lessen back to school stress and help us up in creating quick and hearty baon, breakfast and packed lunches. Jolly products by Flyace Corp. sent me and some of my co-ddi moms some jolly goodies and I am pleased to share what i have created for back-to-school baon recipe. Quick, easy, but filling and healthy! Jolly Meaty Cabbage Wraps Ingredients: 1 tsp olive oil 1/4  kilo lean ground pork Minced Garlic Minced Onion Red Bell Pepper 1/4 cup Shredded Carrots 1/4 cup green peas (cooked) 1/2 cup Jolly Corn kernel (whole) Salt and Pepper to taste 1 whole cabbage How to cook: Saute garlic, onions i