Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk Goodness

Milk is often thought as an excellent source of vitamins in a child's diet. Whether flavored or plain, it is a valuable source of calcium, protein, vitamin D and potassium.
But kids sometimes become so choosy with milk that most of them resort to flavored ones such as chocolate milk drink. So when a mommy blogger friend asked me to try Jolly Cow Chocolate Drink, I immediately said yes because for one, my children are chocolate milk drink addicts! And they would love to have it in their daily dose of milk in the morning and before bedtime.

There are a lot of chocolate drink brands available in the supermarket nowadays. But upon tasting Jolly Cow, i was surprised that my kids love how it tasted. A glass of it appears to be so rich, creamy and chocolatey, not overly sweet. Truly, made from 100% pure cow's milk.

Chocolate Drink or Chocolate Milk?

What do we get from Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk?

The Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk are now available in the supermarkets in two sizes, 1 liter pack and I am so delighted to see a 200ml baon size pack that is so perfect for my kids' school baon.

For me, Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk Drink is best served when chilled. 
Apart from that, Chocolate Drink is also a very good recovery drink for runners or post exercise aid. Trust me!

Look! Sam is enjoying his chilled Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk goodness!

Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk
FlyAce Corporation,
607 Elcano St., Binondo, Manila, Phils.

Flyace Corporation


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