Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) 2017 Giving Journal

Eleven days before Christmas. The Holiday celebration is just a few days away, Christmas trees, gifts, and yuletide carols are everywhere. Thus the season also reminds us that the year is about to end. We ink the final pages of 2016 and we look forward to the many possibilities of 2017.

What I love most about December is that The Coffee Bean  & Tea leaf is reminding me of the Giving Journal and its the season of collecting stamps!  Each stamp card consist of 12 circles with corresponding purchased drink assignments. Once the 12 stamps are completed, it automatically allows a customer to claim the 2017 Giving Journal.

This Giving Journal stood out for me. 
RADIATING HEART. The power to spread goodwill lies within us.
This signifies how we can live up to the essence of giving by performing little acts of kindness towards others.

Its not just merely buying coffee, collecting stamps and getting a journal.  Through the 2017 Giving Journal, each customer  empower scholars  of the REAL Life Foundation, The Giving Journal’s beneficiary since 2011. Buying CBTL coffee, collecting stamps and getting a journal is helping the children get into one step closer to achieving their dreams and goals in life.

The 2017 Giving  Journal are available in 4 colors; Rose, Purple, Gray and Turquiose.  A useful planner and a great tool for generosity .  By the Givimg Journal, every individual will find inspiration to brew their best year yet and become a better version of themselves.
Begin your Giving Journey now, with Coffee Bean &  Tea Leaf 2017 Giving Journal.

For details about the 2017 Giving Journal

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