Christmas Cheese Pimiento Bento Rollups

Sometimes kids become so choosy on food that even on holidays, we find it hard to come up with healthy food ideas to put on our Christmas table. In less than two days, we will be celebrating Noche Buena with family and friends but we sometimes forget to make kid friendly noche buena dishes. To put  on a little cheer on your child's Christmas food table, i am sharing a simple way to create a Christmas themed bento snacks for kids.

Christmas Bento Cheese Pimiento Rollups
Prep Time: 30 minutes

1 can Jolly Red Pimiento
1 cup mayonnaise
1/12 cup grated Cheese
1 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt
Loaf Bread
Fresh Fruits

Preparing this is so easy cheesy. You can even get the kids in the kitchen and make it as a great Christmas party activity.
Mix and fold the ingredients altogether. Season it with salt and sugar to taste.
Set aside.

Slice off bread edges with bread knife. Flatten with a rolling pin. In the absence of a rolling pin,  you may use a clean wine bottle instead.

Spread the cheese pimiento evenly onto the bread. Roll it up. Cut into desired thickness.
Start creating a Christmas tree shaped bento!  Here, i used leftover Christmas Ham for the star and the bottom tree.

When my kids were younger, i always enjoy making fun lunches and snacks. I think for most mommies, its pretty much interesting to create Christmas themed bento because kids especially toddlers are easily attracted to food that are creatively done. It does take a lot of patience but believe me, the results are fulfilling!

Thank you Fly Ace Corporation for sending some Jolly Christmas goodies including the Jolly Red Pimiento I used for the Cheese Pimiento. 

Facebook Page: Fly Ace Corporation


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