The New Mcdonalds McShare Box

Craving for the best tasting fried chicken? Satisfy you and your family's chicken cravings by having the new and improved Chicken Mcdo, marinated, breaded and fried to golden perfection. Definitely tastier and juicier and of course, with always the right crunch.

The McShare Box comes in 6-pc and 8-pc Chicken Mcdo for groups of 3-4 or even more! The bundle is also available with rice, drinks and BFF Fries.

To make the season of sharing more meaningful, The McShare Box is best shared with family or friends and cap your meal off with the new Banana Pie , a new Mcdonald's treat. A mix of golden, flaky crust over sweet creamy banana filling.

Also available via Drive Thru or Mcdelivery

Do you have family pr barkada groufie while enjoying the new McShare Box?
Tàg Mcdonalds' facebook account or @mcdo_ph on twitter and Instagram.



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