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What's Not To Love About Lotus Biscoff?

Having biscuits for coffee breaks and tea time is always a good idea. And you can never go wrong with having Lotus Biscoff in ine of your me time, tea time. What's not to love about it? Being a coffee drinker and a seasonal tea lover, I must say i have already mastered the art of dunking biscuits in my brew. Yes, i dunk biscuits in my brew.  Last week, im just of the happiest who received a pack of Lotus Biscoff at the Davao Digial Influencers Inc Acquaintance party. Aside from its yummy taste, here are some reasons why i love Lotus BISCOFF. 1. TASTE. Its superb and versatile taste makes it a really good and perfect pair for tea dunking. Its not overly sweet with just the right serving size.   2. Biscuit for Everyone Sharing food is fun. The individual serving size packaging looked chic for me. Best  chill food with friends.    3. Biscuits on the go. Nibbling a biscuit is actually commute friendly.  Its cute and sneaky sizes fits even the smallest pouch in your

Why I Love Being a #DavaoDigitalInfluencer

I love being connected to friends and social media in the past years of having a chance to become a member of a blogging community in Davao. Me as a Stay-at-home-mom believes that Moms need Mom Friends. Its very helpful that i get to meet support groups online that can be pretty much  supportive and are quick to answer to your problems and questions. I am personally grateful for all the friends i have in my four years of blogging. With this being in an online community, I get to share friendship and tips over the net too. Not just parenting tips but sharing social events and whats happening in the city. Living here in Davao for nine years now and actively participating in some events, being digitally connected to social media tools made it so easy to share and make the netizens well informed and updated. Thus being a member of Davao Digital Influencers Inc. is by far the best community I have been part of. And tonight, is our GRAND LAUNCH! I am more than excited to see and meet the

The Off Price Show Davao Year 4

Shopaholics, fret no more! The biggest show of lifestyle brands is back in Davao City. THE OFF PRICE SHOW Year 4 , the largest roving sale event in the country is happening tomorrow, Sept 2-4, 2016 at Davao Convention and Trade Center. Doors will officially open at 11am-10pm Friday to Sunday. Shop till you drop with up to 80% off on participating brands, like Puma, Adidas, CLN, Pacsafe, Accel, Jockey, Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few.   See you tom!  Facebook: THE OFF PRICE SHOW YEAR 4 Davao Convention and Trade Center F. Torres Street Bajada Davao City September 2-4, 2016 11am-10pm Friday-Sunday