US Potato Board Potato Safari 3 at Claude's Le Cafe de Ville

Claude's Le Cafe de Ville is a fine dining restaurant in Davao City, set in an exquisite colonial house and known for its unparalleled French and Mediterranean cuisine and very friendly and excellent service. 
During the first day of the US Potato Safari 3 last December 1, 2105. Lunch were held at Claude's. We were welcomed by the owner and chef himself,  Chef Claude Le Neindre. it was my first dining experience at Claude's and  I was so excited to try this 3-day event and fill my tummy with  a  non stop all potato inspired dishes that will be served on our table that day and the next two days. Thus, below are the mouth watering photos of Chef Claude's Menu for lunch  and see how it was  creatively done with US Potatoes.

US Potato Safari 3 Menu Lunch

Appetizer: Chili Potato Cheese with Shrimp

Creamy Potato Onion Veloute

Salade Madayaw

Main Course: Pepper Steak in Hash Brown

Dessert: Potato Souffle

Potato Durian Pie ala Mode

Chef Claude Le Neindre and his restaurant staff. 

Where to find:
Claude's Le Cafe
Oboza Heritage House
142 J.Rizal Street
Davao City


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